Yesterday was POV Ceremony day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. We found out what the plan was from the POV winner and Tom was very vocal to Kato about what he wanted to happen, but did those two things line up? Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out! 

Yesterday we started the feeds with an hour-long conversation between Tom and Kato. These two can really talk in circles. To bullet point the conversation, Tom doesn’t trust Lolo and Natalie, Kato still has faith that they are playing with them and not against them, Tom doesn’t think that Natalie is going to use the POV the way he wants her to and because of that they can’t be trusted. He mentions how if Natalie doesn’t use the POV then they are clearly protecting Ricky (they really just want Joey out).

There was a point in this conversation where Tom had faith that their alliance was still solid. He looked up at the monitor (the camera for the kitchen was up) and told Kato it looked like Natalie and Lolo were doing what he told them to do, make nice with Joey so that when they use the POV on him, he won’t target them. This makes him think that maybe they are okay with the plan to BD Ricky after all.

Throughout the day there was a lot of lounging and small talk. Tamar and Natalie talked a bit about how Tom hasn’t approached Natalie about using the Veto. Tamar mentions that Dina is allowing herself to be used (in reference to all the time she has been spending with Kandi). Back to how Tom and Kato wanted to put up either Tamar or Ricky to try and weaken Lolo and Natalie’s numbers in the house.

A little later on, Natalie confirms with Tamar that she isn’t using the POV because it doesn’t make sense for her to. Lolo and Natalie still think it’s odd that Tom and Kato didn’t approach them about the Veto after being so obsessed with the plan to BD Ricky.

Kato tells Tom that the girls clearly don’t want Ricky to go up and go home so they might as well get on board with sending Joey home. However that it’s Lolo and Natalie’s plan.

Feeds go down for the POV Ceremony and when they come back we find out that Natalie did not use the POV and the noms remain the same. After the POV Ceremony, Tom and Kato have a chat about how Natalie said she would do what the HOH wanted with the POV but then never came to talk to him. He thinks they should have a very public break up of their alliance, but Kato thinks that’s a bad idea.

Ricky checked in with Tom and Kato and acted surprised about what happened and asked if the plans have changed. Ricky also tells Tom that he is sure that Tamar has the Power of the Publicist. Ricky tells Tom that he wants to vote out Kandi, but Tom suggested that the girls wanted to get Joey out. Ricky then goes back to Lolo and Natalie and tells them that Tom and Kato are completely confused as to what’s going on right now. Meanwhile, Kato and Tom are talking about how fake and unconvincing Ricky just was.

Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky go up to the HOH. Tom tried to talk to Natalie about what happened at the POV. Natalie made an excuse about the meeting being earlier today than it was before. Tom tells her that if she really wanted to know what to do at the POV Ceremony, all she had to do was come talk to him. Things get a little heated but they are able to bring it back a bit. Tom asks what they want to do with the vote this week. Ricky tells them he wants to vote out Kandi, Natalie seconds that and Tom is shocked. Natalie points out how Tom told Natalie that Kandi was talking about her and Kato tells them that he expected them to want to get rid of Joey.

After Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky leave the room, Tom and Kato talk about how the three of them were lying. Tom wants to go publicly end their alliance, but Kato thinks that they need a plan before they can do that. Tom realized that the girls and Ricky want to save Joey and align with him, but wonders if they can actually make that work.

Meanwhile, the Natalie is telling Tamar that Tom and Kato were mentioning Tamar and Ricky in their BD plans. Natalie tells her that Tom and Kato were mad at her for not using the Veto and trying to intimidate her. A little later, Kato tells Tom that he thinks their game is done now that everyone in the house is against them. They are also wondering if Joey is in an alliance with Natalie, Lolo, Ricky and even Tamar. Kato thinks that keeping Joey is a big mistake on their part.

Last night, Tom invited everyone up to the HOH and asked BB for some wine. They had a little party in the HOH room and all hung out together. After the party broke up, Kato tells Dina not to trust anyone in the house except for him and Tom. Dine tells Kato that she is sure that Tamar has the power because she is acting too confident now.

Tom has a talk with Joey and is telling him everything. That he didn’t want Ryan out and how Joey was the target this week but he tried to get Natalie to use the POV on him but she didn’t.

Kato notices Dina talking to Ricky and goes down to confront her about it. He tells her that he just told her not to trust anyone. About 15 minutes later, Dina starts talking to Ricky again, Ricky is trying to get Dina’s support. Kato goes to Dina again after this, but won’t tell her details. Dina wants to know the details, but Kato doesn’t think it’s the right time to tell her yet. After she insisted on being told what was going on, Kato tells her about the alliance they had. Kandi walks into the conversation and Dina tells Kandi that she thought they were together in this game, but Kandi has been working with the other side. They started to argue about Dina voting against Kandi.

After Kandi leaves the room, Kato tells Dina that he regrets telling her any of this because now she is acting differently. Keep in mind, most of the HGs have been drinking. Dina follows Kandi into the room and they are talking to Lolo about the alliance. Lolo tells her that she was just in an alliance with Tom for a short time. Dina is mad because they should have been playing women vs men the whole time.

Dina then goes upstairs and Tom tells Dina everything about their game over the last couple evictions and how they have been trying to BD Ricky. Meanwhile, Natalie is confirming that they are keeping Joey this week and voting out Kandi. If one of them wins the HOH on Saturday then they will put Tom and Kato up together. Joey promises the girls that he is with them.

While Dina was in the HOH, they saw Ricky coming. Dina leaves the HOH, runs into the workout room and jumps on the elliptical. Ricky went in to check on her. After he talks with Dina, he heads downstairs to tell Lolo, Natalie, and Tamar that he saw Dina in the workout room and she told him that she had been in there for 20 minutes, but he saw the door close as he was walking up to it. Natalie also pointed out that Dina hasn’t worked out the entire time they have been in the house, but now at almost 1:30 AM she is in there? No one is buying that.

Things have gotten really interesting in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house. Alliances are shifting and Tom and Kato have officially lost their minds over this power that Tamar has (but no one really knows she has it). It is going to make for an interesting eviction night tomorrow night. Unless of course, the plan changes again, which is always possible!

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