The HGs in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house found out that there was a power in play inside the house which caused the HOH and their allies to talk about switching up their target. Find out what the plans are and how they plan on trying to flush out the power right here with our Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap! If you have missed out on any of the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, make sure you catch up right here

We started off the day with some conversations between Lolo and Natalie. They were talking about how Joey hates being in the house and mention that it’s mostly because of his OCD and not being used to living with messy people. Lolo also mentions that it must be hard on him because his friends are no longer in the house.

Tom and Kato have a talk in the lounge. Tom tells Kato that he has to have one of his “crazy talks” where he just blurts out everything on his mind. He adds that he needs Kato to promise not to talk about anything that might be said during these talks. Tom thinks that Ricky is trying to manipulate him. Mentions how he is always talking about the Team Fun alliance and staying and having a beer with him the night before. Tom also mentions that he worries about Ricky being so adamant about not BD’ing Joey. They are wondering if taking Ricky to the F5 is a good move or if they should try and target Ricky before he has a chance to turn on them.

Tom and Kato are still talking when Ricky walks in. Tom tells Ricky that he is still trying to figure out what he is going to do at the noms ceremony. He tells Ricky that he wants to put Kandi and Joey up together and tell them that they are both strong players. He adds that he wants to remind them that they have the POV and an opportunity to save themselves from being evicted this week. Ricky likes this idea a lot. Before the end of the conversation, Ricky tells Tom that Lolo is starting to feel a little left out of their conversations and plans. He tells Tom that he should have a private conversation with Lolo and let her know what he is thinking and get her input.

Meanwhile, Joey and Tamar are talking about Ricky in the bathroom. Joey thinks that Ricky might be bipolar or something with the way that he has been acting. Mentions how one day he came to Joey with this stern look on his face and then all of a sudden turned it off and asked if he wanted to do some benchpresses with him. Made a joke about wondering if Ricky was handing out shovels with the BS.

Tom gets a chance to talk to Lolo about his nomination plans. She likes the idea of giving them a fair shot but is really upset about Tom wanting to keep Tamar around just because she is a weak competitor. She tells Tom that Tamar is continuously stressing her, Natalie, and Ricky out. Sharing a room with Tamar has been driving them all a little crazy. Tom suggests that they switch rooms, but Lolo tells him that will just make things worse because then Tamar will know there is something wrong. She mentions that Tamar might not be a strong physical threat, but she is very good at planting seeds and making people doubt things.

Talks then go back to Joey and putting him up on the block. Lolo tells Tom that she is worried about what happens if Joey wins the POV and then wins HOH and comes after them. He tells her that Joey hasn’t won a comp yet and Lolo tells Tom that’s because Joey threw the Giddy Up POV comp and he couldn’t hold onto the wall because of previous shoulder surgery. Tom seems shocked to learn that Joey threw that POV comp.

Feeds cut for about an hour. When they come back we learn that it was to tell the HGs whether or not they received the power. There was a lot of time spent on trying to figure out which of the HGs got the Power of the Publicist power.

Tom and Kato are talking again. Kato tells Tom that he saw Lolo have a pretty lengthy conversation with Joey and it appeared that she was trying to smooth things over with Joey in case he had the power. Tom finds that suspicious but Kato tells him that he still thinks that Lolo and Natalie are with them. Tom tells Kato that he thinks that the girls have a stronger alliance with Ricky and that they will cut Tom and Kato out and take Ricky to F3 over one of them. Talks turn to trying to BD Ricky this week if Kandi or Joey win POV.

Nominations happen and Tom put Kandi and Joey on the block. Tamar is upset about the noms because she feels like Tom putting someone up because he thinks they have a power is “bullying” someone into using it (I’m not sure she has ever seen an episode of Big Brother in her life even though she claims to be a “super fan”). Lolo points out that at least Tamar isn’t on the block this time. Tamar tells them that she thinks that Dina has the power.

Things get a little crazy in the house as HGs are questioning each other about whether they received the power or not. At one point, Tom talked to Joey and tells him that he isn’t trying to get Joey evicted, he is trying to flush out the power that’s in the house. Joey tells Tom that he will help him try and figure that out. After this conversation, Ricky asks Tom how he wants to handle things now that there is a power in play. Tom says that it’s hard to plan for it without knowing what the power is. So they were told there was a power, but not what it did. For anyone who doesn’t remember, the power allow the person who has it to remove themselves from the block one time during any of the next two nomination ceremonies or POV ceremonies.

Ricky tells Tom and Kato that he believes Tamar has the power. He mentions that he thinks Lolo and Natalie think the same. They discuss taking Joey off the block and renom’ing Tamar and see what happens. Tom talks about wanting to talk to Tamar and see if he can get any information out of her. Ricky warns Tom that she will see where he is going with the conversation before he even gets there. Be prepared for her to get upset.

After Ricky leaves the room, Kato tells Tom that he thinks Tamar has it too. Tom tells Kato he thinks it’s Ricky. Kato doesn’t think that putting Ricky up will go well though. They go back and forth about whether the conversation they had with Ricky was a ploy, but Kato doesn’t think so.

Later on, Tom goes to talk to Tamar. She comes out and tells him she doesn’t have the power and if he doesn’t believe her then he can put her on the block. He tells her that he doesn’t think she has it because if he did she would be one of the two HGs sitting on the block. He then asks her if she can find out from Kandi if she has it. She asks Tom that if she doesn’t, is he going to put her on the block? He tells her no, he just thinks that whoever has it and isn’t fessing up to it should be nominated.

Tamar is getting upset. Tamar wonders why Tom isn’t suspecting Natalie who has 6 million followers on social media. Tom tries to diffuse the situation by telling her that he is talking to everyone about the power, not just her. She accuses him of threatening her, he tells her that he wasn’t threatening, just asking for her help so he didn’t mistakenly target Tamar or someone else.

Tamar goes downstairs and tells Joey about her conversation with Tom. She is not happy at all about it. She then goes to tell Kandi that Tom told her that if she doesn’t find out if Kandi has the power or not, he is putting her on the block. Which is definitely not what he said.

Meanwhile, Lolo, Natalie, Kato, and Tom are promising each other it’s not them with the power and agree they’re still a F4. Lolo mentions their F5 with Ricky and Tom asks if this is a F4 or F5 because you can’t have both. Lolo tells Tom he is overthinking things and he is starting to sound paranoid. She says that she thought they were working with Ricky too. She tells him that if he is going to act paranoid then she can’t play this game with him. She tells him that the paranoia is why she had to stop working with Tamar.

Throughout the night there were tons of arguments, too many to go through one by one. Everyone is getting paranoid about a power they don’t even know the details of. We don’t know which of the HGs have the power, but it is definitely causing a commotion in the house. Tom has gone back and forth about his POV plans but as of now it seems like he thinks Tamar has it more than anyone else. Whoever he thinks has it will end up being renom’d after the POV if it is used to save either Kandi or Joey.

Make sure you check back for POV comp results which should be happening either today or tomorrow. Also, an all-new episode of Celebrity Big Brother is on tonight starting at 8/7c where will find out who has the Power of the Publicist!

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