It was nomination day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house and we started the day with a lot of questions about what the HOH had planned. The HOH held one on ones and then the feeds went down for the nomination ceremony. When they came back up, we found out which two HGs were in danger on Celebrity Big Brother 2019. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details! 

We started the day a little later due to the late night HOH the night before, but we also started the day off with the daily dose of paranoia. This time it wasn’t coming from Tom as he was sitting pretty in the HOH room, it was from Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky. Lolo told Natalie and Ricky that she needed their help playing defense today because Kandi really wanted to talk to Tom before the nomination ceremony and that wasn’t going to be good for her at all. Little did she know, Tom had plans of talking to all the HGs prior to the noms anyway so there was no stopping it.

Lolo comes up with this plan and runs it by Ricky a little later. She wants to talk to Tom and try and rekindle their alliance. She thinks she can convince Tom that he needs to keep them around in order to last longer in the game. Especially because relying on Kandi or Dina to win comps and keep him safe is not going to cut it. Her idea is solid, but it will all come down to how she delivers it to Tom, especially because he doesn’t trust Lolo at all.

Tom announced around noon that he wanted to talk to all the HGs separately and Ricky was the first to jump at the opportunity. Tom tells Ricky that considering Ricky was his target before, it would look odd if he didn’t nominate him this time. He mentions wanting to give Ricky the chance to win the Veto. Ricky tries to tell Tom that it wouldn’t look weird because Ricky was part of the reason Tom was still in the house. It would just look like Tom was grateful to be there. Tom tells Ricky that there could be an advantage to being on the block, especially because if they have a deal in place, no one would suspect it with Ricky sitting on the block.

Meanwhile, Tamar and Natalie are having words downstairs. Natalie tells Tamar that Kandi and Dina are going to be safe this week and that Kandi is Tom’s number one. They made a mistake keeping her and Tamar tells Natalie that if that is the case, she is going to be pissed. Natalie questions why they kept Kandi and Tamar tells her that it was because “your girl” (Lolo) “pops off every five minutes and has no self-control.” Natalie tells her to stop saying that, but Tamar tells her she isn’t going to stop because it’s true.

After this conversation, Tamar goes to talk to Kandi. She asks Kandi who Tom’s target is this round and she tells her it’s Ricky. Tamar and Kandi agree that Ricky is a dumb target, they also both agree that it should be Natalie that is the target. Kandi tells Tamar that Tom is going to try and make a deal with Lolo about going up as a pawn next to Natalie and then BD Ricky. Kandi tells Tamar that Tom wants to talk to her and offer her a deal. This comes after Tamar was very vocal about not wanting to talk to Tom because of the way he treated her during his first HOH.

Tamar does end up going to talk to him and he tells her that he won’t put her up this week if she promises not to put him up next if she should win HOH. She agrees to that deal. During this talk, Tamar is trying to see if his information matches with what Kandi told her. He asks her to vote the way he wants this week and she asks which way he is leaning. He tells her he isn’t completely sure yet (Kandi said Ricky was his target). She then tells him that if it was her she would put up the two strongest players and when he asks who she thinks they are, she changes direction a bit and tells him that she would just nominate them up front and not try and BD anyone. He tells her that he isn’t planning to do that.

When it’s Lolo’s turn, he tells her that he has a proposal for her. He tells her that he wants to put her on the block as a pawn. He wants her to win the Veto and use it to take herself. He tells her that she is not her target this round and tells her that if she agrees to this plan and doesn’t talk to anyone about it, it will work. He tells her that in return, she can nominate him next go around if she wins HOH. Lolo goes into the speech she had prepared about trying to get the alliance back together, how Dina and Kandi aren’t going to get him to the end, etc. In the end, she agrees to go up as a pawn and tells him she is going to fight like hell to win it.

Lolo then goes down to talk to Natalie and Ricky. Natalie tells them that one of them is going home this week. They all agree that they should have kept Kato. Natalie fills in Tamar with what Lolo and Ricky talked to Tom about. She tells Tamar that they are expecting Tom to put Ricky and Lolo up with the option of BD’ing Natalie.

Tom talks to Dina and asks her to vote for Ricky if he is still on the block and she agrees. He also asks her not to put Tom up if she wins HOH and she agrees to that also. Tom tells her that the only change in the plan might be to take Ricky down and put Natalie up and vote her out. After that, Kandi talks to Tom and tries to talk him into putting Natalie up on the block instead of Lolo so that Natalie doesn’t win the POV and save Ricky (She thinks that Natalie has a better chance of winning the Veto over Lolo). Tom is worried about upsetting Natalie and Kandi tells him that Natalie can’t get revenge if she is voted out. Kandi is pushing that Natalie is a bigger threat than Ricky.

Meanwhile, Ricky, Natalie, and Lolo are talking and Ricky knows that one of them is going home this week. He offers to let it be him and tells them that he doesn’t want them to fight for him to stay. They think he has lost it, but he tells them that he came on this show to try and change how people thought of him and this is the best way he knows how at this point.

Feeds go down for the noms and when they come back up we see Natalie and Ricky’s faces on the memory wall. Natalie has realized that they are in serious trouble because they don’t have the three votes to keep them safe if Lolo should win POV and take Natalie off the block. Lolo talks to Dina in hopes to try and flip her vote to keep Ricky if Lolo should win POV and take Natalie off. She tries to tell Dina that Tom manipulated her during their talk and Dina mentions how she wanted the women to dominate the game. Lolo then wonders why Dina never came to them and Dina tells her that they never talked to her either.

Tom and Kandi talk about how they can’t let their guard down. Tom also mentions that Natalie and Ricky aren’t worried because they think they have Dina and Tamar on their side. He also mentions that they need to stick close to them so that they don’t get sucked into the trio. Kandi tells him to stop stressing so much so they don’t have a repeat of the last HOH. He tells her that he is worried that Tamar won’t vote for Ricky if Natalie isn’t on the block, Kandi tells him she will.

Tamar is pissed at Kandi for what she is pulling with Tom. She thought that Kandi was really a different person and is regretting not getting rid of her sooner. Tamar and the trio are talking about what they should do with the Veto if one of them wins it. Natalie is wondering if she shouldn’t use it if she wins it to save Lolo from being put up, but Lolo tells her that she shouldn’t do that unless she has confirmation that Natalie has the votes (doesn’t she know that there is never enough confirmation?). Tamar is also worried that if she wins the POV, Tom will just put Lolo up as a renom. Natalie tells her that she would be okay with her not using it.

Tom is determined to get Ricky out this round and has reiterated it to Dina several times just in case she has gotten too sucked into the other side of the house. We have the POV coming up sometime today, so we will have a better idea of what’s going to happen a little later on.

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