Yesterday was Power of Veto day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house! We found out which HGs were playing in the POV, who won the POV and what the plan was going into eviction night. The HGs are planning for eviction to be later tonight, however, we know that it is Double Eviction time! Keep reading to find out what went on in the Celebrity Big Brother house right here with our live feeds recap! 

We started the day off pretty early with an 8 AM BBT wakeup call. Dina tells Kandi that she is a little worried about the POV, but Kandi reminds her that regardless of what happens, one of them (Ricky, Lolo, or Natalie) will be going home. Ricky, Lolo, and Natalie had some chats about the events of the past couple days including their one on ones with Tom.

Feeds go down for the POV players to be picked and when they come back up we found out that everyone was playing except for Lolo. Natalie speculates to Tamar that the live eviction is Thursday and Tamar confirms that it is (it’s not, live eviction is Friday and it’s a DE). Natalie also tells Tamar that she is nervous about the POV and what’s going to happen. She tells Tamar that when they thought Lolo was going to be on the block, Ricky was ready to fall on his sword, but now that Natalie is on the block, he hasn’t said anything like that. She thinks that she will end up voted out if she doesn’t win the POV.

Natalie voices this concern to Lolo too before the POV comp started. Lolo tells her that she is sure that Ricky would do the same for Natalie because he loves them both equally. Natalie isn’t so sure and is ready to fight for the POV. After this conversation, the feeds cut for the comp and when they came back up we found out that Tom won the POV.

Lolo and Ricky talk about how to get Tom out of the house and Ricky tells her that they put him up with Kandi and as long as he doesn’t win the POV, he’s gone. Natalie mentions that Tom is a comp beast. Natalie is also worried that Tom might be looking to BD someone this round. Ricky doesn’t think so, he is pretty sure that he is Tom’s target this round.

Tamar is upset because no one seems to be able to beat Tom at the competitions and says that he needs to go next. Natalie gets Tamar to calm down by reminding her that Tom can’t compete in the next HOH. Natale tells her that Tom will go on the block next to Kandi. Lolo mentions the possibility of Tom winning the POV and saving himself and Tamar says then they vote Kandi out.

Tom camtalks a bit and says that there are some people that want Natalie out so he is thinking of using the POV to take Natalie off and put Lolo up in her place to ensure that Ricky goes home. When Tom takes this idea to Kandi, Kandi tells him it’s a crazy idea and it’s just going to end up coming back to bite him. He tells her that he is sure that Ricky is the mastermind of that group and he needs to go. Kandi reminds Tom that he can’t win HOH next round and they will have an easier time beating Ricky at the HOH than Natalie. He thinks that once Ricky is gone he can get Natalie and Lolo to work with them.

Kandi goes back and tells Tamar that Tom is contemplating using the POV to force Ricky out this round. Tamar is not happy and goes to confront Tom about the possibility of him putting Tamar on the block. She accuses him of threatening the other HGs and when he asks her not to say that and tells her it’s just a game, she tells him it’s not just a game if he is going to continue to threaten the other HGs. Feeds cut.

About an hour later, the feeds come back up briefly and Tamar is blaming Kandi for Tom wanting to target Tamar. She tells Kandi that Tom was targeting the trio up until Kandi started talking to Tom. Feeds cut again for about a half hour and when they come back the house is quiet. There is very little game talk for the rest of the night. Natalie tells Lolo that she doesn’t think Tom will use the POV, but Lolo thinks he might. Kandi and Dina talk about if Tom uses the POV and puts Tamar up as a renom and how they don’t think it will go very well.

Later when Dina tries to talk to Tom about his plan for the POV Ceremony, he tells her that he isn’t ready to reveal that information yet. He also talks about being certain that he is going to be the next target in the house. He also talks about how he threw the football comp just to see what Natalie would do with the POV. We should know today what Tom will do at the POV Ceremony so stay tuned for those spoilers and make sure you come back tonight for our Celebrity Big Brother live recap starting at 9/8c!

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