It was Double Eviction night in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house and after all the excitement from that, the remaining HGs went on to play in the HOH! When the feeds came back up after the HOH comp, we learned who was the new HOH and who they planned to target this round. Get all the details of the Celebrity Big Brother post-eviction live feeds right here! 

The feeds came back up around 11 PM BBT from the HOH comp. We found out that Ricky had won the HOH and already had a plan in place. Ricky told Lolo and Tamar that unless Kandi wins the POV this round, she is going to be in trouble. He adds that he won’t do it without permission from Lolo and especially Tamar (because Kandi is her friend) but Tamar tells him to go ahead. Apparently, she called him out on something.

Lolo asked Ricky what it was going to feel like to be up in the HOH room, he tells her that he isn’t sleeping up there and then jokes that he will offer it to Dina and Kandi. Lolo adds that the HOH room is toxic. Meanwhile, Dina and Kandi are having a conversation in the other room and Kandi knows they will be on the block. Dina thinks that she will be Ricky’s target.

Later, Tamar and Lolo are talking and Tamar asks Lolo if she is afraid to go to the end with Tamar. Tamar is implying that a lot of the HGs hate her. Lolo tells her that she thinks that a lot of them liked her and also tells her that she thinks she might win AFP. Lolo tells her that AFP will be between Tamar and Tom, but Tamar tells Lolo that Tom was not a favorite. Lolo points out the cheering Tom got when he was evicted and Tamar tells her it was because everyone was happy he was evicted.

Lolo got her HOH basket and she was feeling sorry for herself because her letter was from a friend and not “a husband.” She says that she avoided winning HOH because of that. Ricky also confirmed that he was putting Kandi and Dina on the block. Speaking of Dina and Kandi, they were having a conversation and Dina was wondering who Ricky was putting on the block, Kandi tells her that it will obviously be them. Dina then tries to tell Kandi that they could just save each other if one of them should win the POV. Kandi reminds her that it will be a split decision with Ricky breaking the tie. Kandi tells Dina that Ricky will send one of them out over Lolo or Tamar.

On and off all night, Tamar was trying to convince Lolo to take her to F2 if she makes it. Lolo tells her that Dina and Kandi don’t have any blood on their hands and Tamar notes again that no one likes her (Tamar). Ricky got his HOH room pretty late so they did the reveal and then the HGs slowly started to head to bed. Lolo and Ricky stayed up to chat a little about the game, but nothing we haven’t heard before.

I don’t think any of us are surprised about who Ricky is going to target. The only hope that Kandi has at this point is to win the POV and save herself. Nominations will be officially announced later today and we are expecting to see Kandi and Dina on the block together.

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