The Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feeds were down for a little while yesterday morning for the Memory Lane segment taping, but when they came back up, there was quite a bit of game talk going on. The nomination ceremony also happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house and the HOH started to plan for what they would do if one of the noms came down. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap for the details! 

The feeds came back up just before lunchtime in the Celebrity Big Brother house and the HGs were all cleaning up after the taping of the Memory Lane brunch. Ricky mentions to Lolo and Tamar that if Dina or Kandi come off the block, he is going to have to renom one of them. He asks if either of them care who it is. Tamar, of course, voices that she cares and doesn’t want to be on the block. In the same conversation, Ricky mentions that taking Dina to the end would make for an easy win, but wouldn’t represent the idea of the game very well.

Lolo tells Ricky and Tamar that she would be nervous on the block next to Kandi, but Tamar insists that she wouldn’t vote to keep Kandi. She adds that she doesn’t owe Kandi anything. Lolo is also talking about how keeping Kandi over Dina could hurt their chances of winning. Says that Kandi would win at the end, but Tamar doesn’t think anyone likes Kandi enough to vote for her.

Later on, Lolo talks to Ricky about the talks of keeping Kandi over Dina. She tells Ricky that she thinks that Kandi would take Tamar to F2, but Ricky tells her that Kandi wanted Natalie gone so that Lolo would take her to F2 instead of Natalie. He mentions that he is sure that Kandi would take Lolo with her because she would be too concerned about losing to Tamar to chance it. Mentions that Kandi doesn’t want to lose to Tamar and be embarrassed on national television.

Ricky then has a conversation with Tamar. He asks her what she would do with the POV if she won and she tells him she would keep the noms the same. He also promises Tamar that he would bring her to F2 with him. Tamar also suggests to Ricky that it might be time to cut Lolo and after a brief hesitation, he tells her that if it comes down to one of them (R&T) and Dina or Kandi in the POV, they should let one of them win it so that he would be forced to renom Lolo.

The feeds cut for the Nomination Ceremony and we got confirmation that Kandi and Dina were put on the block as planned. The rest of the night included alcohol for the HGs and some random chit chat and lounging.

It is every HGs for themselves in the Celebrity Big Brother house now that we are down to the F5. If Kandi wins the POV that could solidify her spot in the F4 and cause Lolo to go out the doors first on finale night. Things have certainly taken a turn with everyone looking out for themselves.

I’m hoping to have POV results at some point today so stay tuned for our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

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