It was a quiet day in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house as the HGs mentally prepared for a POV Comp that never happened. They did have some excitement in the Celebrity Big Brother house when the HGs were presented with their videos from home. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers for all the details of what happened on Sunday’s live feeds!

It was a slow day on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds, which is pretty normal for this part of the season. There are only a few things to note from the live feeds yesterday.

Tamar had been complaining about some aches and pains throughout the day and requested a heating pad. Throughout the day her complaining died down. Even though she was in some pain, that didn’t stop Tamar from comparing notes with Kandi about who has F2 deals in the house. They talk about if Kandi or Dina comes off the block this week, Ricky is going to renom Lolo and Lolo will go home. Kandi is hoping that if Tamar wins the POV she will use it on her, but if I have learned anything about Tamar’s gameplay, she isn’t going to try to win the POV because she is not going to want to deal with Lolo after that.

Later on in the day, the HGs are called into the living room. Videos start playing on the television, it’s their videos from home. Kandi got a video from her family, Ricky got one from his wife, Lolo got one from her training partner, Tamar got one from her 5-year-old son and Dina got one from one of her daughters. Lolo commented about how she didn’t get a video from her family and she says that her mother would probably be too nervous. The HGs can’t believe how well Tamar’s son did in his video and are complementing him.

The HGs spent most of the day packing and relaxing in between. Everyone seems to think that the POV will happen Monday and Lolo noted that they have a 9 AM wakeup call in the morning.

We might have a POV comp today so stay tuned for those spoilers when they become available. Tonight we have a Memory Lane episode of Celebrity Big Brother hosted by the F5 starting at 9/8c. Then we have a two-hour finale night on Wednesday starting at 8/7c where will see who wins the final HOH, who they take with them to the F2 and who will be named the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2! Also, if you are a CBS All Access subscriber, make sure you vote for who you want to win AFP right here and we will find out the results of that during finale night too!

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