It was the day before finale night in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house and there was a lot of time spent talking about who was going to make into the F4 and F2 pitches throughout the afternoon. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feeds recap to get all the details of who the HGs plan to take to F2 and who they plan to evict going into the F4 right here! 

The feeds were down for most of the morning for the POV Ceremony and when they returned, we learned that Lolo did not use the POV and Kandi and Dina remained on the block. After the final noms were in place, there was a lot of talk about who they were going to be saving and bringing into the F4.

Dina told Lolo that Kandi plans to take Tamar to F2. Lolo asks Dina to relay this information to Ricky too. Dina also tells Lolo that Ricky doesn’t have Lolo’s back in this game. Throughout this conversation, Tamar has been listening in through the lounge door.

When Dina goes to talk to Ricky about Tamar intending to bring Kandi to F2, Ricky tells her that he doesn’t believe that to be true. He tells her that he has been listening to everything going on in the house. The conversation continues and Ricky asks Dina what her strategy is to get to the end and she tells him that she doesn’t really have one. She just plans on trying to win the final HOH to get there.

Later, there is a conversation between Kandi and Ricky. She is pitching to him that if there is a tiebreaker, for him to keep her. He tells her that if there is a tiebreaker, he will keep Kandi if she agrees to take him to F2. She accepts his offer. Kandi doesn’t know that Ricky also has a F2 with Tamar, so if he should win the final HOH, he won’t take Kandi.

There is then a talk between Lolo and Tamar. Lolo is airing out some insecurities about their alliance. She mentions how Dina told her Ricky said there was no real alliance between the three of them. She also mentions that Ricky is closer to Tamar than he is to her. Tamar insists that there have been no deals made between her and Ricky. (An hour before this conversation, Tamar was talking to Ricky about their F2 deal.) Lolo also tells Tamar that Kandi mentioned that Dina will beat any of them in the end. Tamar agrees with this and suggests that they should get rid of Dina. However, later all Ricky has to do is mention that he wants to keep Dina and Lolo quickly agreed with his suggestion.

Ricky goes to Tamar and tells her that she was right about getting Kandi out of the game (she said this back in the beginning, but has changed her tone since mending fences with her). He also tells her that he doesn’t think Dina will beat them all in the end, he thinks they will win against her. Tamar goes to talk to Lolo again. Lolo tells her that she thinks they all have a better shot at making it to the end if they take Dina. She tells Tamar that Kandi plans to take Ricky to F2 and tells her that they can beat Dina easier in the final HOH. Ricky later told Tamar that if she wanted to vote to keep Kandi to keep their friendship intact, that was fine, he will just break the tie and send her home.

It looks like Kandi will be sent home first during tonight’s two-hour finale. Make sure you come back for our live recap of tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother 2 finale which starts at 9/8c!

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