We are down to the F5 on Celebrity Big Brother 2 and by the end of tonight’s episode, we will know which of these celebrities will go on to win the $250,000 grand prize! We will also find out which of the 11 HGs will win the $25,000 AFP prize a little later tonight! Are you ready to find out what happens on the Celebrity Big Brother finale? Keep refreshing this page for all the details!

We started tonight’s finale of Celebrity Big Brother 2 off with the HOH competition. Dina was eliminated after she ran out of time and failed to make it back to her button to reset her timer. Ricky has a huge lead, but Kandi has finally gotten the hang of the comp. Or at least she thought she did, her board demagnetizes right after she said something about getting the hang of the comp and has to start over. In the end, Ricky manages to win this competition and is the HOH for this round.

We then jump right into the nomination ceremony where Ricky nominates Dina and Kandi, there is no surprise there. Dina is convinced that it’s because he thinks they are strong players, but he makes it a point to tell her that isn’t the case. He tells us they went up because they are the only ones that don’t sleep in the same bedroom as him. After the noms, we watch as Tamar and Ricky make a F2 and then talk about putting Lolo up if Kandi or Dina win the POV.

It is now time for the final POV comp! The HGs will be stealing four artifacts from the BB museum as quickly as they can. They will get clues about the artifact, grab the artifact and then get their next clue. They have to dodge lasers to avoid tripping the alarms too.

  • Dina finishes in 17:34
  • Tamar finishes in 13:22
  • Kandi finishes in 9:53
  • Ricky finishes in 9:21
  • Lolo finishes in 5:08

Lolo won the final POV comp! It is now time for the POV Ceremony. Lolo decides not to use the POV and keeps the noms the same in hopes that they will vote Kandi out. We then take a break to talk to Anthony Scaramucci. We get his opinion on the F5 HGs and then, of course, we had to talk politics.

It is time for the first eviction of the night! Here we go! The votes are as follows:

  • Lolo – Kandi
  • Tamar – Dina
  • Ricky breaks the tie and chooses to evict Kandi

It is time for the Final HOH comp of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 season! They will be shown seven videos of celebrity lookalikes. The lookalikes will say three things and then the HGs will have to decide which of them is false.

  • Round 1 – All of them get a point
  • Round 2 – Ricky and Tamar get a point
  • Round 3 – Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar get a point (Ricky and Tamar are in the lead)
  • Round 4 – Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar get a point (Ricky and Tamar are in the lead)
  • Round 5 – Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar get a point (Ricky and Tamar are in the lead)
  • Round 6 – Ricky gets a point and takes the lead
  • Round 7 – Lolo and Tamar get a point (there is a tie between Ricky and Tamar)
  • Tiebreaker – Ricky wins the Final HOH

Ricky decides to evict Dina and Lolo and takes Tamar to the F2 with him.

It is now time to bring the Jury out! After the Jurors come out, it is Q&A time! Tom asks both of them what their biggest game moves were. Ricky said not freaking out when he was on the block and Tamar tells them that it was gunning for Tom and Kato and getting the best players out. Natalie asks them both what their biggest regret in the game was and Ricky tells her it was not winning the HOH she was evicted on and Tamar tells them getting too emotional in the game. Ryan asked them each why they should vote for them over the other.

It is now time for final speeches and then time for the voting! We should have the results soon!

  • Jonathan – Tamar
  • Ryan – Tamar
  • Joey – Tamar
  • Kato – Tamar
  • Natalie – Tamar (it’s official, Tamar has won CBBUS2)
  • Tom – Tamar
  • Kandi – Tamar
  • Dina – Tamar
  • Lolo – Tamar

With a unanimous vote, Tamar has won Celebrity Big Brother 2! Tom Green went on to win the $25,000 AFP prize!

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