Tonight the endurance comp for the next HOH will air on the Celebrity Big Brother 2 live feeds. If you don’t have the live feeds, you can keep refreshing this page for all the details and screenshots of tonight’s competition. You can also find out which HG won the second HOH comp of the season right here with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers

Make sure you keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s HOH! As soon as the feeds come back up with the comp, I will update this post!

Feeds are up reacting to the eviction and not even close to ready for the comp. Make sure to check back here and on social media for updates on when the comp starts. It might be a while before the comp starts.

8:20 PM BBT – The comp has started. It’s a Rock Til You Drop comp!

The group is really quiet at this point. The only complaint that I heard was from Joey about the shoes they have them wearing. They are burning his feet. Lolo agreed with him and told him it was probably the shoe type.

8:35 PM BBT – The HGs were pelted with green jelly. Tom is struggling really bad, complaining that his arms hurt.

8:45 PM BBT – Tom falls and then Kandi right after. Kandi says she didn’t want to be the first one.

8:52 PM BBT – Feeds break for further instructions and Ryan doing some reads.

Ryan and Tom are talking about the HGs left on the wall. Tom says they will be up there for another hour, Ryan says probably two. They are pointing out that Ricky is shaking.

The HGs got pelted with beer and empty cups. Joey is complaining about being really cold now. There are still 7 HGs left on the wall. Doesn’t sound like Joey is going to be lasting much longer.

9:06 PM BBT – Ricky falls off the wall leaving Lolo, Natalie, Dina, Tamar, Kato, and Joey up there.

Dina hasn’t moved a muscle and hasn’t said a word the entire time they have been on the wall. Kato, Joey, and Natalie are talking about their goggles being full of beer.

Joey is doing a lot of complaining while standing on this wall. He’s cold, he’s tired, he doesn’t think they should be out there on this wall while being cold and wet because they are all sick already. He’s kind of over it.

9:15 PM BBT – The HGs were shot with whipped cream while standing on the wall and it was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

Tamar asks for a ladder because she wants to get down but she is afraid of heights. She tells them she is about to pass out, she is legitimately freaking out. Feeds cut. They come back and she is having a panic attack while on the wall. The others are trying to tell her when they bring the wall down to jump then, but she keeps telling them she can’t.

9:20 PM BBT – Tamar is crying and freaking out, the others are trying to coach her through how to jump even though she is afraid. She finally drops. She is shaking and crying. Tom helps her up on the platform.

Joey, Natalie, Lolo, Dina, and Kato are still on the wall.

Joey is asking production to speed up the comp, tells them that it’s freezing out there and at some point, they have to be responsible. He apparently doesn’t know the meaning of “Endurance Comp.”

9:33 PM BBT – Dina falls leaving Lolo, Natalie, Joey, and Kato on the wall.

9:40 PM BBT – Band comes out with fire extinguishers and sprays them down with them. Joey telling production that the length of this comp is too long. Complains that he is sick as a dog up there.

9:53 PM BBT – Lolo jumped off because she didn’t want to reinjure her shoulder. She had a labrum tear and Joey mentions that he had one a year and a half ago. Kato mentions that if he wants to drop that Joey would be safe and Natalie asks if they should give it to Kato. They decide to hold on a little longer.

9:56 PM BBT – Joey is down.  Natalie and Kato are the last two on the wall.

9:57 PM BBT – Natalie jumps down.

Kato is our new HOH!

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