There is a new HOH in charge in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house, which means we need two nominees for eviction! Well, the nominees have been chosen and I have the information for you below! Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details of this round of nominations right here!

There has been little talk about who Kato wants to put up for nominees. He talked about wanting to put Dina up due to comments she made during the final moments of the HOH comp. Joey was going to make a safety deal with Kato, but Dina talked him out of it and told him to keep holding on. This made Kato think that Dina was coming after him.

Did Kato nominate Dina? Let’s find out!

Nominations for Round 2 are:

  • Dina
  • Tamar

The feeds were down for more than 9 hours and we still have no idea why. There was some speculation that Lolo got kicked out of the house after a physical altercation with Tamar, but when the feeds came back they were both still in the house. There was a screaming match between them right before the feeds cut earlier today.

Lolo was in the gym training and Tamar was in her bed talking to Dina about being on the block together. Tamar is upset about Kato mentioning her going home to her son in his nomination speech when the feeds came back.

If I had to guess, Tamar is the target this round, but Kato still thinks that Dina could be coming after him. It really could be either of them, it might come down to the POV comp.

What do you think of Kato’s decision? Who do you think should be his target? Let me know in the comments below or on social media!

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