We have a new HOH in charge in the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house and with that comes a new set of nominees! There were a couple different plans in place for today’s noms ceremony, are you ready to find out which one was put into play? Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out which HGs found themselves on the block. 

Tom is the new HOH, there was talk last night about putting Kandi and Tamar on the block together and then BD’ing Joey, but then this morning Tom had a change of heart. The new plan that Tom came up with was putting Joey and Kandi on the block and giving Joey a fair shot at keeping himself safe this round. Lolo told Tom that she was worried about this plan, but understood where he was coming from. She liked the idea of giving Joey a fair shot at saving himself in the POV, but she is worried about what happens if he wins POV and then wins the next HOH.

So which plan did Tom go with?

Nominations for Round 3 are:

  • Kandi
  • Joey

There you have it! The HGs will go on to play the POV at some point before the live eviction, we are unsure if it will happen live on Saturday or not. I will keep you posted on any spoilers that come across the feeds between now and then!

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