After Kato was evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house last night, the remaining HGs went onto compete in the HOH comp. A new HOH was named and now it is time to find out who that HOH wants to nominate for eviction. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details!

Kato was evicted and then his closest ally bought himself some more time in the Celebrity Big Brother house by winning the HOH comp for round 5. Now, we have all been trying to figure out who Tom wanted to nominate this week and who his target is.

Ricky talked to Tom earlier in the day and Tom told him he would like to put Ricky on the block and give him a chance to win the POV. Ricky made a counter offer that if Tom doesn’t nominate him, Lolo or Natalie this week then he will do whatever he can to make sure Tom is safe moving forward.

Tom also talked to Lolo and told her that he was going to put her on the block, but he will make sure she has the votes to stay. After her talk with Tom, Lolo went to talk to Natalie and Ricky. The trio compared notes and it is clear to them that Tom was coming after them.

Now that the nomination ceremony has happened, we have confirmation on who is on the block for round 5!

Nominations for Round 5 are:

  • Ricky
  • Natalie

I think that Tom’s nominations speak for themselves. He might have not have gone with his first choices, but he clearly still has the same plan. It is really going to come down to who wins the POV. What do you think about these noms?

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