We have a new HOH, a new set of noms and now we know which of the F5 won the final Power of Veto of Celebrity Big Brother 2. With only five HGs left in the Celebrity Big Brother house, all the HGs competed in this comp. Thavee has been some ideas passed around as far as who the targets are and you can get all the details right here with our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers

We have Ricky in the HOH spot this round and he nominated Dina and Kandi for eviction, which wasn’t surprising to anyone. What was surprising to some was the fact that him and Tamar have been talking about BD’ing Lolo if given the opportunity. Then again, with the way these alliances kept turning on each other this season, this isn’t that surprising.

There was talk that if Dina or Kandi won the POV and took themselves off the block, Ricky would nominate Lolo in their place. The idea was brought to Ricky by Tamar in an attempt to save Kandi from eviction, whether Ricky actually plans to do this is unclear. In order to know if this is even an option, we first need to know who the winner of the Power of Veto is for round 6.

The Winner of the Final POV Comp is:

  • Lolo

Based on these results, it looks like the plan to BD Lolo is out of the question. Ricky really wanted to get Kandi out this week, but he can’t vote. This is going to be up to Lolo and Tamar. If Tamar can talk Lolo into going against Ricky, then Dina could be the first person to walk out of the door on finale night. However, if they stick to the plan, Kandi could be the first evictee on finale night.

Who do you think they should vote out?

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