Tonight we will watch as two of the remaining Celebrity Big Brother HGs will walk out the door and greet Julie on stage. We know that either Marissa or Brandi will be the first one to go, but which one? One is a target this week, the other is a pawn, but one is a much bigger target than the other and the other has been campaigning really hard. Will we see another flip vote tonight?

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Who Will Be Evicted - Round 5 (POLL)

Marissa has a lot of allies in the Celebrity Big Brother house, which has played out as an advantage. Brandi has been rubbing people the wrong way since day one. With Mark in the HOH and his closest friend in the house being James, we know who they want to see walk out the door. Check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers if you have missed any of the drama and make sure you let me know who you think will be going home first tonight!  

Marissa has been in an alliance with, well, most of the house and Brandi has been in one with Marissa, Ariadna and Ross, but we have seen which one this alliance is protecting. Goes to show, there are no friends inside the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Marissa is a big social threat in this game and has almost the entire house on her side, which could work to her advantage as we wind down this season. Brandi has been on James’ radar since she was rude to him moments after walking into the Celebrity Big Brother house, but she didn’t try and get him out week one. Instead, she was part of the flipped vote to keep James and vote out Chuck. This was clearly a bad idea for her game and James has continued to dodge evictions since.

If you were in the Celebrity Big Brother house, who would you see as the bigger threat? Who would you vote out? Who do you think will be evicted first during the Double Eviction tonight on Celebrity Big Brother? Let me know by voting in my poll below! Make sure you come back tonight to find out which of the HGs will find themselves walking out the doors of the Celebrity Big Brother house!

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