It is the night we have all been waiting for! It’s a special two-hour Double Eviction episode tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2! By the end of the night, we will have the names of the F5 on Celebrity Big Brother 2019! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother right here with our live recap! 

We started the episode off with the fall out from the nomination ceremony. Natalie and Lolo are both shocked that it went the way it did because Lolo was supposed to be on the block with Ricky, not Natalie. Lolo, Natalie, and Ricky are talking about the best case scenario for the POV. That would be for Lolo to win it and save Natalie so that Lolo can’t be renom’d and they can try and get the votes to save Ricky. Meanwhile, Tom, Kandi, and Dina are talking about what will happen if Lolo wins the POV. They are hoping that Lolo doesn’t get picked to play.

Speaking of, it’s time to pick players for the Veto! All but one HG will play in the POV. Tom, Natalie, and Ricky start picking names. Tom picks Tamar, Natalie chooses Kandi and Ricky picks Dina. This is not good for Natalie, Ricky, and Lolo. It is now time for Julie to tell the HGs that it is DE night!

It is now time for the POV! The HGs will be looking at a sequence of colors and they will be told to switch on a specific color at the end. If they answer wrong, they will be eliminated. Tamar is telling us that she is throwing this competition because she doesn’t want to upset Tom by changing the nominations. Here is how the rounds played out:

  • Round 1 – Ricky is eliminated
  • Round 2 – Kandi and Tamar are eliminated
  • Round 3 – Dina and Natalie are eliminated
  • Tom wins the POV!

It is time for Tom to make a decision on what to do with the POV. First, Tom is going to consult with Kandi on what he wants to do. He tells Kandi that he wants to use the Veto and take Natalie off the block to ensure that Ricky goes home. He mentions putting Tamar on the block next to him to make sure that people don’t vote against what he wants. Kandi goes to tell Tamar what Tom wants to do and then Tamar blows up on Tom. Tom clearly knows that Kandi isn’t on his side as much as he thought.

It is time for the POV Ceremony! Tom decided to use the POV and take Ricky down (yes, you read that right) and he renom’d Lolo in his place! Everyone, especially Ricky, was surprised by this move. Tamar was expecting to go up and even started to get up right before he said Lolo’s name. Tom even campaigned a little for Lolo right after he put her up.

It’s time for the votes! Here they are:

  • Kandi – Natalie
  • Tamar – Natalie
  • Ricky – Natalie (it’s official, Natalie has been evicted)
  • Dina – Natalie

With four votes, Natalie has been evicted first from the Celebrity Big Brother house. There is a twist released on the house! There will be a special battle for safety which will allow one of the HGs to be safe from the second eviction, however, they will not be able to play in the HOH.

The safety comp is called Living Art, the HGs will have 90 seconds to run through the house and find the real people posing as works of art throughout the house. The HGs that guesses correctly will win the safety, if no one answers correctly, whoever was closest will win. The winner of the safety is Tamar! She will not be able to compete in the HOH and neither can Tom because he is the outgoing HOH.

It is now time for the HOH comp! Lolo, Ricky, Dina, and Kandi will go back into the house and try and figure out how many of the living art people have left the house. They have 90 seconds to run in and recount the real people still left in the house. The winner of this comp is Lolo. She then nominated Tom and Kandi for eviction. The POV comp comes up next!

In this POV competition, the HGs will have to answer true or false questions about a screening of a show called “Cousins” starring Ross Matthews and Metta World Peace.

  • Round 1 – everyone gets a point.
  • Round 2 – everyone gets a point.
  • Round 3 – everyone gets a point.
  • Round 4 – Ricky and Lolo get a point.
  • Round 5 – Kandi, Ricky, Tom, and Tamar get a point. (Ricky takes the lead)
  • Round 6 – Kandi and Tamar get a point. (three-way tie between Kandi, Ricky, and Tamar)
  • Round 7 – Ricky, Tom, Tamar, and Dina get a point. (Tie between Tamar and Ricky)
  • Tiebreaker – Tamar wins the Veto.

Tamar decides to not use the POV leaving Tom and Kandi on the block. It is now time for the live vote and eviction.

  • Dina – Tom
  • Ricky – Tom (it’s official, Tom has been evicted)
  • Tamar – Tom

With three votes, Tom is the second HG to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Tamar ran off and did a dance after it was announced. Julie explains how the finale will work. Everyone except Lolo will compete in the next HOH, everyone will compete in the POV and then one of the final noms will be evicted on finale night. Then the final 4 will compete in the final HOH and the winner of that will pick who they want to take to F2. The rest of the HGs will then vote on who will win this season of Celebrity Big Brother!

Stay tuned for spoilers to find out who wins the HOH later on tonight!

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