Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2, we will watch as the HGs compete for the HOH spot. Before we find out who their noms are, we will also find out which of the HGs received the Power of the Publicist twist! You are not going to want to miss a moment of tonight’s episode. Make sure you refresh this page often to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2019!

We started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2 off with all the HGs saying bye Ryan as he left the Celebrity Big Brother house. Kato is talking about how someone from his alliance has to win this HOH. Joey is really bummed that Ryan is gone, but he is focused on winning this HOH. Lolo is feeling bad about Ryan being evicted. Joey is talking to Dina, Tamar, and Kandi about aligning so that they can at least compete against Tom and his alliance.

Meanwhile, Natalie and Lolo are talking about needing to win HOH when Ricky walks in and tells them that Joey was going around telling people the girls (meaning Lolo and Natalie) were talking around acting way too confident. This upsets Natalie.

It is time for the HOH competition. Kato tells them that it is time for them to get changed and Big Brother will call them each one by one. The HGs will have to go into a dark house and search for a set of car keys. There is a creepy lady on the couch in the house with a bunny mask. A guy comes in with a chainsaw. It’s pretty creepy. There is mud to climb through and water spraying out of the faucet in the kitchen. There is a guy with a goat mask and a baseball bat. I would have freaked out. When the HG gets to the car, there is someone hiding in the backseat of the car ready to scare them.

Natalie goes first, Kandi goes second, Tamar goes third but gets so freaked out, she leaves and quits the comp. Tom goes next and he is crawling on the floor. Dina then gets her shot in the house and she tells us that she isn’t a fan of scary movies, but she gets through the house. Lolo, then Ricky, and Joey round out the comp. The times are:

  • Dina – 14:24
  • Natalie – 9:07
  • Joey – 4:19
  • Tom – 3:07
  • Kandi – 8:43
  • Lolo – 3:48
  • Tamar – 30:00 (timed out for quitting)
  • Ricky – 3:44

That means that Tom wins HOH!

Kandi asks Tom if he is in an alliance with everyone else. He tries to divert the question, but she keeps trying to get him to admit to being in an alliance. She doesn’t get a straight answer from him. We watch as Ricky is asked to join the alliance of Tom, Kato, Lolo, and Natalie. He agrees to be in the alliance, but then when they start throwing around ideas for a name for the alliance, he backs out.

Ricky, Tom, and Kato are talking about what they should do for noms. They are talking about putting Kandi and Tamar on the block, but Tom is telling us that Ricky is the biggest threat in the house. Kato and Tom are talking later about how Tom doesn’t trust Ricky and he thinks that he is going to double cross them. He then asks Kato if maybe adding Joey or Tamar to their group would still give them the numbers.

The HGs hear the ET theme song come on and they find out that there is a twist coming! They are told that a good publicist could get you out of any sticky situation. One HG will be given a power, this power will get that HG out of a sticky situation. Each HG goes in to find out who got the Power of the Publicist. It’s Tamar! This Power of the Publicist will allow her to take herself off the block during one of the next two noms ceremonies or POV ceremonies. Now, Tom, Kato, and Ricky are trying to figure out how to flush out the power.

It is now time for the noms ceremony. Tom has decided to put up Joey and Kandi. He tells them both that he likes them both very much but when the Celebrity Breaking News thing came up, he felt like one of them have the power. He adds that he hopes that he didn’t put either of them in too sticky of a situation.

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