Tonight we will watch as the Celebrity Big Brother 2 HGs compete in the POV and we will learn the fate of the two nominees. After the final nominees are in place, the Celebrity Big Brother HGs will then vote to evict one of the nominees. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother!

We started tonight’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother 2 off with a look at the aftermath of the nomination ceremony. Joey thinks that he is the target this round, but Tom really wants to BD Ricky. After the noms ceremony, Ricky, Kato, and Tom are talking and they all think that Tamar could have the power, but that doesn’t stop Tom from trying to get Ricky out.

Later, Lolo tells Ricky that Tom doesn’t trust him at all and then Natalie tells Ricky that she doesn’t think that BD’ing Ricky is beneficial to them. Ricky tells Lolo and Natalie that they have to pretend the five is still together, at least until after the POV. If one of them wins the POV, they just don’t use it. That way there is no chance for Ricky to be renom’d.

It is time to play the POV! Tom, Joey, and Kandi are joined by Dina, Lolo, and Natalie in this POV. The HGs have to make three field goals before their opponent in order to eliminate their opponent. However, there is a linebacker blocking the shot so the HGs will have to spin five times to get the linebacker to move out of the way. So it’s basically the football version of bowlerina.

Lolo goes first and chooses to go up against Dina and Lolo eliminates Dina. Joey chooses to go up against Tom and Tom eliminates Joey. Kandi goes and chooses Tom because he is tired, but Tom eliminates Kandi too. It’s Natalie’s turn and Natalie picks Tom also and Tom is not happy that his alliance member just picked him. Natalie manages to eliminate Tom which leaves her and Lolo. The final round is between the two girls and Natalie wins the POV!

It is time for Natalie’s decision about the Veto! She has decided that she is not going to use the POV and Tom and Kato are not happy about this at all. Tom and Kato think their alliance is dead, but Lolo and Natalie have to try and convince the guys that they are still together. Tom isn’t buying it at all. Kato is making a lot of passive aggressive comments towards Natalie and this turned into a screaming match between Lolo and Kato.

It is time for the live vote and eviction! Here are how the votes fell:

  • Lolo – Joey
  • Kato – Joey
  • Natalie – Joey
  • Tamar – Joey (it’s official, Joey has been evicted)
  • Dina – Joey
  • Ricky – Joey

It’s unanimous, Joey will leave the Celebrity Big Brother 2 house tonight. Stay tuned for HOH spoilers a little later tonight!

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