The Celebrity Big Brother 3 houseguests had a late night last night with the feeds staying down until well after midnight. When the feeds came back up, we found out who the Head of Household for Round 3 of Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Find out who won the Head of Household and who might be in trouble this week right here with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers!

The feeds came back up around 1:30 AM BBT and the houseguests seemed to be just getting into the house from the Head of Household Competition. Shower rotations, some pizza from production, and a look at Miesha wearing the HOH key around her neck are what took up the first 20 minutes the feeds were back up.

Todrick told Miesha that he was really happy and excited that she won, however, he really wanted to win it himself. They also talked about how frustrated they both are with Chris Kirkpatrick because of everything that went down throughout the day. The feeds were down for most of the day so I’m guessing we missed something because of that. Miesha wonders if her winning another HOH this soon is going to hurt her game. Todrick says that he thinks she has a target on her back, but it wouldn’t have faded by her not winning it this week. He also tells her that he is pretty sure that everyone loves her, but adds that no one would tell him if they were targeting her.

Shanna comes in and they talk about Chris Kattan and how bad they feel for him and then reflect on the competition for a bit. Todd and Kirkpatrick join the group and Miesha tells them that she doesn’t even want to do any of the HOH stuff tonight. It’s too late for her and she is too tired. She just wants them to make the room accessible for Kattan to go up and get some sleep. She offered him the night in the HOH because he hasn’t been able to sleep with Todd’s snoring. Kirkpatrick congratulates Miesha and then leaves the room.

Kirkpatrick goes to talk to Cynthia about his position in the house. He tells her that he is too close to Miesha to take a shot at her himself and he also didn’t feel like he could take a shot at Todrick this week either. He mentions that if he did take the shot at Todrick, he and Shanna would be on the block this round without a doubt. He says that even if Carson ends up on the block next to Kattan, everyone would vote out Kattan. Cynthia says that she thinks they should just relax and see what happens. There is no reason to let it stress them out and to get all sick about it.

A little later, before heading to bed, Kirkpatrick, Shanna, Cynthia, and Carson all get a chance to talk. Kirkpatrick makes a comment about wishing they would take him out (I’m guessing instead of Carson), but Shanna mentions that they need him because if they are all there on Friday, they have the potential to make things happen. Shanna tells them how Miesha and Todrick talked about who would vote for them on the jury when they are both sitting in F2. She says they didn’t realize she was standing there. Carson asks if they can change the subject.

Everyone starts coming into the room and they joke about how terrible Kirkpatrick was at the comp he was. He jokes that he spent his entire career looking for the “I Love Chris” signs in stadiums that he should have been able to point out the Marry Me signs with no problem. A little more chit-chatting happened before everyone headed to bed.

Just a reminder, there is no show tonight. However, make sure you keep an eye out for our Nomination Ceremony spoilers a little later today.

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