We had the Power of Veto Ceremony play out inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house on Thursday and right after, there was some tension in the house. There seems to be a clear choice for the live vote and eviction which airs tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Keep reading to get all the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Thursday’s live feeds right here!

It was a slow morning with the only real conversation worth noting being between Shanna and Miesha in the HOH room. Miesha told Shanna that putting up a renom wouldn’t be ideal anymore now that Chris Kattan isn’t in the house. She says that was an easy choice for her because he wanted to leave. She asks Shanna if there is any way she would consider keeping the noms the same. Shanna told Miesha that she was open to not using the Veto but asked for some promises from Miesha. She also hints to Miesha that Todrick is not part of any talks that they are having and tells Miesha that Todrick won’t even look at her anymore.

After her conversation with Shanna, Miesha talks to Todrick and asks him where his niceness game has gone and he looks at her like he has no idea what she’s talking about. She tells him that Shanna told her that he hasn’t been nice to her (S) or Chris Kirkpatrick in days. Todrick tells her it was just yesterday (it’s been since Monday’s HOH) and says that he was mad. He says that he will be nicer to them though. Miesha says that she is worried that he will shoot himself in the foot.

Feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony and when they come back up, we see a conversation between Shanna, Miesha, and Todrick where Shanna is explaining to them why she made the move she made. She tells them that she honestly feels in her heart that if Cynthia or Carson won the Veto that she would have been put up. Todrick asked her if she felt safe up until Kattan left and she told him that she did. They talked a little more and right after, Shanna goes to talk to Kirkpatrick. During Shanna’s talk with Kirkpatrick, we find out that Shanna took Carson down and Kirkpatrick went up in his place.

After Shanna left the room, Cynthia walks through to go into the back bedroom and Todrick asks Cynthia to let him know when she has time to talk. She tells him that she doesn’t have anything to say and she doesn’t like the way that this game is going. She is visibly upset about something. She says that when she leaves she is going to leave with her word, integrity, and class. Moments after she walked into the back bedroom, she storms back out of it and walks towards the kitchen yelling “and another thing!” Feeds on that camera cut, but the feeds in the bathroom where Kirkpatrick and Shanna are talking are still running. From those cameras, you can hear Cynthia and Todd screaming back and forth at each other.

Apparently, the argument started because she got wind that Todd was going to be voting to evict her this week. He told her that he was just keeping his word, unlike she did when he was sitting next to Teddi. When she went into the back bedroom after, she talked to Carson and Todrick about how she had no promises with Todd, not deals, no nothing. She didn’t owe him anything when she voted against him round one. Feeds cut to animal loops for almost two hours during this argument.

When the feeds came back, things are calm inside the house. Everyone is relaxing and general chit-chat is happening. A little later, the HGs started talking about the vote this round. Shanna told Cynthia that she has her vote this round. Carson added that Cynthia would also have Todrick because Miesha doesn’t want Kirkpatrick in the house anymore (neither does Todrick). Shanna tells them that losing Kirkpatrick this round is going to hurt their numbers so they have to make sure to pull Lamar in.

Miesha talked to Todd and told him that Shanna and Kirkpatrick were going to vote him out if she put him up in Carson’s place. He expected that. This causes Todd to realize that he needs to keep Cynthia this week and get Kirkpatrick out while he has the chance.

Kirkpatrick tells Shanna that he wants to shake up the house before he leaves and Shanna tells him he should. He decides against this because he doesn’t want to make things worse for her, Carson, and Cynthia though. He adds that Shanna will likely be his only vote to stay, but wonders if this will upset Cynthia (she plans to vote him out).

Lamar talked to Todd later and asked him who he would put up if he won HOH. He doesn’t say but does imply that Shanna is on his radar because she won two POVs. Lamar says that Shanna isn’t as big of a threat as Miesha and Todrick are together. Lamar says that he knows that Todd is on Miesha’s side, but she is going to pick Todrick over anyone. Therefore, she and Todrick have to be split up.

Todrick talks to Shanna later and tells her that he is not Miesha’s b*tch and that he is playing his own game. Todrick tells Shanna that if Miesha leaves, he is going to need someone and says that he knows he doesn’t have Shanna’s trust, but he wants to work on that.

Kirkpatrick talked to Miesha briefly and tells her that he wasn’t planning to turn on her. She blames Kattan not being in the house anymore. He tells her that he really thought that he was the one that was closest to her in the house but has realized that’s not true.

Kirkpatrick doesn’t seem worked up about possibly being voted out tonight on Celebrity Big Brother and that has a lot of people in the house a little nervous. Especially Miesha, Todrick, and Cynthia. Miesha and Todrick are worried that everyone is going to keep Kirkpatrick and Cynthia is worried that there is an elaborate plan to keep Kirkpatrick over her. Tonight we will find out which HG is voted out and a new HOH will be crowned. Just a reminder that tonight’s episode starts at 8 PM EST!

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