It was Eviction Eve inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house and a pretty quiet one considering the drama that went on inside the house on Saturday. The Power of Veto is set to take place during tonight’s live eviction show, but the plan seems to be in place for Round 4 of Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Read on to get all the Celebrity Big Brother spoilers from Sunday’s live feeds!

The houseguests got an early wake up call at 8:30 AM BBT, but were very slow to get up. Miesha and Todrick talked about what kind of challenges they might see in the final HOHs. After this talk, they head downstairs and Todrick goes to lay down while Todd is packing for Monday’s eviction.

Shanna and Cynthia talk about the night before and being able to relax and have wine together. Shanna talks about wanting to take Carson up on the offer to use his tub. Cynthia talks about how she took a bath the night before and had her bra on because she was worried that cameras would see her. Small talk mostly. Shanna stayed in the room most of the day and away from the rest of the houseguests.

Carson talks to Miesha about Monday’s eviction and he tells her that the plan is to take Miesha down at the Veto and put Shanna up as long as Shanna doesn’t win the Veto. He asks Meisha if she would agree to spare him and Cynthia next round if she wins HOH. She agrees not to put either of them up.

Todrick talks game with Cynthia. Todrick mentions that they were all targeting Carson and Cynthia says they knew that he was a target, but she didn’t think that it was Shanna that put his name out there as one. Todrick mentions that he hopes they show Shanna being told that Carson and Cynthia was going on the block in the edit.

Miesha lets Todrick know that she had to offer Carson and Cynthia safety next week if she wins HOH. Todrick says that he will just have to win HOH then.

There was a lot of downtime and card playing for a while. A little later in the evening Shanna talks to Cynthia and asks her if she would be willing to work with her. Cynthia tells her that she doesn’t want to talk game with her today. Cynthia then tells Carson that she can’t believe that Shanna would think that she would work with her again. Carson says that he would rather stick to the plan and then says that Miesha is trustworthy and wants to play fair.

Feeds cut a little while after this conversation for a Valentine’s Day party. They were down for about an hour and a half. When the feeds came back up, the houseguests were all taking pictures with the camera. Shanna stayed in bed while this happened and while the other HGs played cards and chess in the kitchen.

Carson, Cynthia, and Shanna hung out last night in the hottub and had some wine together. No game talk, just hanging out. Meanwhile, inside Todrick and Miesha are trying to convince Todd that everything they are saying about Shanna is true and she just doesn’t remember everything she has done and that’s why she is so convincing when she denies it.

After Cynthia and Carson go inside, Shanna sits alone and reflects on this round. She camtalks about how she is going to fight this round to stay, but even if she does, she has no one in the house. Later, Todrick tells Todd that the house is so distracted by everything going on with Shanna that they aren’t going to get out the biggest target who is already on the block (Miesha).

I also want to note that in a conversation before the lights went out between Miesha and Todrick. Miesha mentions that she thinks it’s sad how people are easily brainwashed into believing things.

Tonight at 9 PM EST we will watch as the Power of Veto competition plays out, the Veto Ceremony takes place and then another houseguest will be vote out of the Celebrity Big Brother house. Make sure you come back later for all the details of tonight’s episode!

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