Monday night on Celebrity Big Brother 3 we watched as everyone except for Shanna competed in the Power of Veto Competition. Unfortunately for Shanna, she needed to win the Power of Veto in order to stay in the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 house since her alliance had turned on her. Todrick went on to win the Veto, used it to save Todd, and Shanna was put up in his place. Shanna was then voted out and the remaining houseguests went on to play in the new HOH. Keep reading our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out what happened inside the house after the Head of Household Competition played out.

The feeds came back on at about 11:34 PM BBT last night after the Head of Household played out and Todd was wearing the HOH key around his neck. It sounds like the competition was some kind of eating gross foods competition. This competition brought a punishment costume for Todrick and Lamar. They are dressed as a mojito and lime and they are tethered together for 24 hours. Apparently, Todd is the reason that Lamar got stuck with the costume and Lamar spent a good portion of the night talking trash to Todd.

Cynthia, Carson, and Miesha talked about the eviction and Cynthia says that she thinks getting rid of Shanna was a good thing. She says that she thinks that it probably wasn’t the right strategy, but it wasn’t about strategy. Miesha says it was about maintaining sanity. A little later, Carson and Cynthia had a chat about Todd winning the HOH. They both agree that they are probably in trouble this week since Todd won. They both seem to be okay with the idea of going home.

Todd tells Miesha that Carson has to go up this week and he thinks he knows it. Miesha says that putting Carson up initially gives him a fighting chance. Todd tells her that Carson is his target, but if Carson wins POV then he will put Lamar up in his place. Todd wonders who he should put on the block next to Carson and Miesha tells him, Cynthia. Todd agrees that it’s probably what’s going to have to happen. Miesha asks if Todd would put Todrick up and he says not this round, he would wait until it’s just the four of them (them, Todrick, and Lamar). There wasn’t really any other game talk throughout the night.

Do you think that Todd’s plan to put Carson and Cynthia on the block is what’s best for his game? We will find out who the nominees are today after the Nomination Ceremony takes place inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. Be on the lookout for confirmation on that.

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