It was Power of Veto day inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house and it was imperative that Cynthia won in order to keep her and Carson safe this week. If you missed out on my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, make sure you check them out to get all caught up. Otherwise, keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap for Wednesday to find out what happened before and after the Power of Veto Competition.

Wednesday was a pretty calm day inside the Celebrity Big Brother house considering the Power of Veto Competition was set to take place. Prior to the competition taking place, Lamar seemed to have been feeling kind of down and Todd spent the better part of the day trying to pep-talk him. Carson and Cynthia know that they are in trouble and the best-case scenario for them is for Cynthia to win the Veto to take Carson down. Cynthia cam talked a bit about how it was two versus four in the house and that winning was more important than ever.

The feeds were cut for the Veto Comp and when they came back it took a while for us to get the results of the comp. Lamar was in the HOH room listening to music while Todd is telling him if he needs to go home this round, he needs to let them know. He says that if he needs to go home, then their plan is going to have to change so they need a heads up. Later during a conversation, Lamar says something about Carson going this round and Todd confirms that since “what’s her name” (Miesha) won the Veto, the nominations were going to stay the same. He told Lamar that they are going to vote Carson out over him (L).

Miesha has a quiet conversation with Todrick at the table about how she thinks that Todd should be the next to go, not Cynthia. She thinks that Todd is more likely to win comps than Cynthia is. She says that they told Todd that all bets were off when they got to F4 anyways. Todrick reminds her that they are going into F5, not F4. Todrick tells Miesha that he doesn’t trust that Todd and Lamar won’t vote him out if given the opportunity. Todrick goes back to the possibility of getting Todd out next and asks if they would put him on the block with Lamar and Miesha suggests that they would have to.

Carson and Cynthia talked a bit about how they had a great run in the house together. Carson wonders if they would use the Veto to take Lamar off and put Cynthia up in his place. She thinks they probably will and Carson adds that he would still be voted out. Carson says that she will likely be next if she doesn’t win HOH. Carson tells her that she better burn the house down if she wins Head of Household.

There was a lot of downtime throughout the early evening hours. A little later, Miesha and Todrick talk about the finale and how they are likely going to be there. Miesha wonders if there is going to be a double eviction. She says that if there is and one of them wins HOH, they should take out Lamar. She says that even though Todd has proven to be a bigger threat, she would feel bad taking him out. They both agree to take Lamar out next and also said that they want to keep Cynthia in the house until F3 because they know they can beat her in comps.

Todd talks to Cynthia and Lamar later and tells them that he needs one of them to win HOH next. He wants them to target Miesha or Todrick if they do. Todd says that he doesn’t want to go against them himself right now because he would be breaking his words. Todd says that even if he wanted to, he can’t do anything about it since Miesha won the Veto and won’t use it. Cynthia had asked in this conversation why he didn’t put her up next to Carson. He tells her that Miesha and Todrick wanted him to, but he didn’t want to.

Later, Cynthia tells Lamar that Todd seems annoyed with Lamar because he (L) doesn’t seem like he wants to be there. He says he wants to be there and doesn’t want to forfeit. He goes up to talk to Todd in the HOH room and reassures him that he is ready to play. Todd tells him that he and Cynthia need to play hard in the next HOH so that they can get Miesha and Todrick on the block.

The Veto Ceremony will take place today inside the house and the live eviction will take place tomorrow night. Carson will likely be voted out since Todd isn’t going to be able to trick Miesha into using the Veto. I will have Veto Ceremony spoilers for you coming up later today.

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