Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 3, we will watch as the Head of Household plays out and we will find out who will be in power this round. After that, we will see which two Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguests will then be nominated for eviction. If you don’t want to wait for the results, you can find out who won HOH and who was nominated with my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, refresh this page frequently and watch along with me right here.

We get a look back before Carson’s eviction and we see Todrick avoid answering whether they are going to take Carson’s deal. Right before the eviction, Todrick tells Carson and Cynthia that he isn’t voting to keep him this round. Cynthia then goes to Lamar and tells him that they need to stick together after Carson leaves. Cynthia tells Todd that either she or Lamar need to win HOH and flip the house around.

It is time for the HOH competition and in this competition, the HGs will have to answer questions about two pieces of art. They have to pick the forgeries out. They will have pictures on the memory wall and artwork inside the house. The artwork inside the house is real, one of the pieces of art on the memory wall is fake. They have to figure out which one is quicker than the other HGs because the last one to ring in an answer will be eliminated. Here is who got eliminated each round:

  1. Cynthia is eliminated
  2. Lamar is eliminated
  3. Miesha is eliminated

That means that Todrick is our new Head of Household. After the HOH competition, Todd tells Lamar that Todrick is likely going to target him because he is their biggest competition. After Todrick’s HOH room reveal, Todrick confirms to Miesha that he plans to target Todd.

It is time for Todrick’s over-the-top Nomination Ceremony. After his song and dance, literally, Todrick has nominated Lamar and Todd for eviction.

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