Tonight is a special two-hour Double Eviction Night episode on Celebrity Big Brother 3! We will start the night off with the Power of Veto and Veto Ceremony for round 6 of Celebrity Big Brother 2022 before heading into the first vote and eviction. Then the Final Four on Celebrity Big Brother will play in an HOH, POV, have another Veto Ceremony, and a second live vote and eviction! By the end of the night, we will have our Final 3 for Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Refresh this page frequently and check out my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details!

As we know from Sunday night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, Todrick is the Head of Household, and Lamar and Todd were nominated for eviction. Here is how the night went:

First POV Competition:

In this POV Competition, the houseguests have to slide down ramps on a rolling bobsled. They have to go down to the targeted area on the ramp in a specific time period. The person closest to that time will win the round.

  1. Miesha vs Cynthia – Cynthia is eliminated
  2. Miesha chooses – Todrick vs Todd – Todrick is eliminated
  3. Todd chooses – Miesha vs Lamar – Lamar is eliminated
  4. Miesha vs Todd (last two) – Miesha is eliminated

With Miesha being eliminated, that means that Todd has won the Power of Veto.

First Veto Ceremony Results:

  • Todd took himself off the block
  • Todrick put Cynthia on the block in his place
  • Lamar and Cynthia are final noms for this round

First Live Vote and Eviction Results:

  • Miesha – Lamar
  • Todd – Cynthia

Todd purposely voted this way in order to force a tie and force Todrick to make the decision himself. When Todrick is asked who he wishes to evict, he chooses to evict Lamar. After Lamar was evicted, the HGs were filled in on the fact that it is a Double Eviction.

Head of Household Competition:

In this competition, the houseguests will be shown three movie posters and then listen to a conversation between friends talking about what kind of movie they want to see. They have to then choose the poster that will suit all their movie needs. The HG that rings in first with the correct answer will get a point. The HG with the most points after 7 rounds will win. Here is who got the point for each round.

  1. Todd
  2. Todd
  3. Miesha
  4. Cynthia
  5. Cynthia
  6. Miesha
  7. Miesha

Miesha is the HOH for the Double Eviction.


Miesha has nominated Cynthia and Todd for eviction.

Second POV Competition:

In this competition, the HGs will be asked a question about an event that happened inside the house. In order to lock in their answer, the HG will roll a ball down a beam and try to get their ball in the right number slot. If no one gets it in the correct slot, a point will be rewarded to the person who gets it in the closest number slot. Here is who got points each round:

  1. Miesha and Todrick
  2. Todrick
  3. Todrick and Cynthia
  4. Miesha and Todrick
  5. Todd
  6. Miesha
  7. Todrick
  8. Miesha
  9. Miesha

After 9 questions, there is a tie between Miesha and Todrick. After the tie-breaker question, Miesha won the Power of Veto.

Second Veto Ceremony Results:

Miesha keeps her nominations the same leaving Todrick as the sole voter.

Second Live Vote and Eviction Results:

Todrick votes to evict Todd and take Cynthia to F3 with him and Miesha.

Join me Wednesday night at 8 PM EST for the one-hour season finale.

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