Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 3 we will watch as Chris Kirkpatrick, Chris Kattan, and Mirai will be joined by three other houseguests in the Power of Veto Competition. After that, we will watch the Power of Veto Ceremony play out, and then the live vote and eviction will take place on Celebrity Big Brother 2022. Make sure you check out our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all caught up!

We started tonight’s episode off with a look at the houseguests after the Nomination Ceremony. Carson is sad to see Kattan on the block, but he is happy that it isn’t him. Cynthia is also happy that she isn’t on the block, however, she is worried that she might be a renom option if the Veto is used. We get a look at Todrick talking to Mirai and he tells her that he really hopes that she wins the Veto this round and is able to take herself off the block.

Shanna talks with Kirkpatrick about how Miesha thinks she is running the house and she has Todrick and Mirai in her circle. Kirkpatrick says that his best-case scenario is if he wins the Veto and is able to keep the nominations the same.

Todrick and Miesha have a chance to talk to Kirkpatrick. Kirkpatrick asks them what they are thinking and they talk about how they trust Mirai. He tells them that he doesn’t trust her as they do. He adds that Mirai isn’t part of his circle in the house but they talk about how Mirai will go after Carson, but Kirkpatrick doesn’t see Carson as a threat to his game.

Kirkpatrick and Shanna talk and Shanna asks what Miesha and Todrick’s pitch is and he fills her in. They talk about other renom options in case Mirai comes off the block and Shanna mentions that he could always renom Todrick. He seems to be considering this option.

It is time for the live Power of Veto competition! Kirkpatrick, Kattan, and Mirai were joined by Todrick, Shanna, and Cynthia. This is a comp where the HGs are looking for someone holding a sign in a photo. They will have to identify which section they are in. For each correct answer, the HG will get a point. Whoever has the most points at the end will win the POV. Here is who got points each round:

  1. Everyone gets a point except Kirkpatrick
  2. Everyone gets a point except Kirkpatrick
  3. Mirai, Todrick, and Cynthia get a point they (are all in the lead)
  4. Kattan, Mirai, Todrick, and Shanna get a point (Todrick and Mirai are in the lead)
  5. Shanna gets a point (she is now tied with Todrick and Mirai)
  6. Everyone gets a point except for Kattan gets a point (still a three-way tie)
  7. Todrick, Cynthia, and Shanna get points (Todrick and Shanna are tied)

After the tie-breaker, Shanna wins the Power of Veto! It is time for the Veto Ceremony and Shanna decided to keep the nominations the same. Mirai and Kattan remain on the block and one of them will be evicted tonight.

It is now time for the live vote and eviction. Here is how the votes landed:

  • Cynthia – Mirai
  • Miesha – Mirai
  • Carson – Mirai
  • Lamar – Mirai
  • Todrick – Mirai
  • Todd – Mirai
  • Shanna – Mirai

By a unanimous vote, Mirai has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Make sure you come back later for my HOH spoilers!

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