Monday night we said goodbye to another Celebrity Big Brother 3 houseguest. In the late-night hours, the Celebrity Big Brother 2022 live feeds came back up and we now know which houseguest went on to win the Head of Household Competition for round 3! Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to find out who won and who I expect to see on the block after Tuesday’s Nomination Ceremony!

As we all know, Mirai was unanimously voted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house on Monday night. This came after Chris Kattan asked to be evicted during his eviction speech. The only surprising thing that came out of the vote was that Miesha and Todrick didn’t vote to keep their ally in the house after trying so hard to keep her there.

So let’s find out who won the HOH for Round 3 of Celebrity Big Brother 3!

The Head of Household for Round 3 of Celebrity Big Brother is:

  • Miesha

The feeds didn’t come back up until about 1:30 AM BBT and about 20 minutes later, Todrick told Miesha that he was excited that she won even though he wanted to win it really bad. Todrick and Miesha also talked about their frustration with Chris Kirkpatrick. If I had to take a guess, I’d say that Carson and Cynthia are going to be in trouble this week unless one of them can pull off a Power of Veto win.

At this point, if only one of them is on the block, they would still have the numbers to keep the other one safe. Be on the lookout for Nomination Ceremony spoilers coming up later today!

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