Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a great season and we have arrived at the final Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap! Yesterday was a busy day got the Celebrity Big Brother HGs. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details right here with my Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 6 - Saturday

There was a lot of downtime on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds yesterday with everything that was going on. The day started with a lot chit chat about life between all the Celebrity Big Brother HGs. We then had the nomination ceremony, the POV comp, the POV ceremony all happen in the same day. Keep reading to find out what happened!

Most of the day was spent watching the HGs pack in between the feeds going down. The feeds went down for the nominations and everything went the way we expected. Ross nominated Omarosa and Ariadna. The feeds were up and down a lot and then we went into the Veto Comp and after another four hours and 40 minutes, we got the feeds back.

The HGs are all talking. Marissa mentions that she is really proud of the way she performed in the POV comp. It sounds like the POV comp was the comp where they answer questions about events in the house. Ross tells Mark that the noms will stay the same and during the same conversation, they each promise to take the other to F2. At this point there is still no confirmation of who won the POV. We just assumed that it was either Ross, Marissa or Mark.

Ross mentioned earlier that he thought that Omarosa might have thrown the comp because she did so poorly with the questions. According to what they said, she only got one question right. Mark and Ross talk about if they think Celebrity Big Brother did well for CBS considering it was up against the Olympics, rating wise.

There is then a conversation between Ross and Ari and he is telling her not to worry. He tells her that Omarosa will be the one going. Ari then mentions Ross’ impressive record this season and that’s when we got confirmation that Ross won the POV. Feeds go down for the POV ceremony.

When the feeds came back we find out that Ross did not use the POV so the final nominees are Ariadna and Omarosa. The HGs spent most of the night talking about how much fun they had in the house, how much weight they have gained or lost in the house. Ross talks about going back on his deal with Brandi.

Ari and Marissa are talking and Marissa mentions that she doesn’t deserve to win but hopes that she can at least get to F2. Ross decided that he was going to stay downstairs tonight and gave Mark the HOH room for the night. Ross, Marissa and Ari spent the rest of the night talking about their time in the house, all the deals that were made in the house and then they went to bed.

It was a busy day for the Celebrity Big Brother HGs yesterday. Tonight is going to be a big night for them all. We will all see how the HOH comp played out, the noms ceremony, the POV comp and ceremony and then a live eviction. The F4 will then go into the final HOH comp live tonight and the winner of that will pick one HG to go to the F2 with them.

Make sure you come back tonight for my live recap of Celebrity Big Brother and find out who will win Celebrity Big Brother right here!

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