Tonight on Celebrity Big Brother 3, we said goodbye to two houseguests during a special two-hour Double Eviction episode. If you missed all the action, you can get all the details in my Celebrity Big Brother 2022 recap right here! Otherwise, check out our Celebrity Big Brother spoilers below to find out which two houseguests were voted out of the house!

Tonight we started the episode off with the Round 6 Power of Veto Competition. Miesha, Todrick, Cynthia, Todd, and Lamar all competed in this competition and Todd managed to get the win. This was extremely important for him to win since he was Todrick’s target going into tonight’s first eviction.

At the Veto Ceremony, Todd used the Veto on himself and Cynthia was put on the block in his place. Here is how the first vote and eviction went:

  • Miesha – Lamar
  • Todd – Cynthia
  • Todrick – Lamar (tiebreaker)

Todd had made it known that his plan was to force Todrick to make the choice himself so he purposely voted the opposite way that Miesha was planning to vote.

After the first vote, Miesha, Cynthia, and Todd went on to play in the Head of Household. Miesha ended up winning this comp and nominated Cynthia and Todd for eviction. Miesha then went on to win the Power of Veto and chose to keep her nominations the same. This made Todrick the sole voter in the second eviction of the night and he chose to evict Todd.

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