Well, we made it!  We made it to the first live eviction day in the Big Brother 2010 season. It is actually a difficult choice, which is relatively unusual for a first week. Sign up for a FREE trial of the Superpass Live Feeds!

UPDATE** The HG’s are getting ready for the Live Eviction. Are you??

The HG's primp for the live show

The HG's pose for the HOH camera

Bren tells Rachel he "cares for her"

Annie slinky in silver for show

The Saboteur will be revealed tonight during the live show!   Who do you think it is?

Annie was, at first, almost a sure thing to go home. She offered alliances to the majority of the people in the house, and was not good about keeping it on the down-low.

Annie is no quitter, however, and she has gradually worn down some of the HG’s who were 100% against her.

Annie will fight!

Now, let’s think about this. Yes, Brendan and Rachel are the “showmance” of this season. If you do not have the Superpass Live Feeds, this is the time! You do NOT want to  miss this… Brendan and Rachel are so hot for each other, well.. let’s just say, it is going to get more and more interesting.  They have already started out pretty hot and heavy, and I doubt very, very much that they are going to remain as, well…chaste as Jeff and Jordan were last season. So, for the voyeur value alone, I do not want to see Rachel to go.

Rachel has assets of her own

Will "love" conquer all?

On the other hand. Annie is a scrapper, schemer, and drama-inducing.  Something we definitely need in the house. Also, from a gameplay standpoint, I would not want to leave a power couple in the house, who will vote as a block. It is becoming abundantly clear that Rachel is going to do whatever Brendan tells her to do.

Annie has already turned several people who vowed never to keep her. So, unlike previous seasons where the first person to go was a lock.  We have a real nail-biter on our hands.

Has annie turned Andrew, as they hide on the landing?

Has Annie convinced Andrew?

Who do you think will go home tonite?

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Is Ragan the next Tiger?

Or will Enzo swing for the green? I know- Lame... sorry..

Last night the HG’s were given a giant golf set to play with. This usually has something to do with the HOH comp. Enzo and Ragan were out practicing early. Historically, tonight’s HOH comp will be something along the lines of “Majority Rules” where the HG’s are asked to choose A or B to a question about which answer  the majority of the people in the house would choose. Such as “Who do the majority of the people in the house say they would not want to date their little sister? A) Hayden B) Lane”. The trick is not to pick what you think, but what you believe the majority of the house thinks.

Brendan will play for blood

Brendan has practically pulled a Babe Ruth, calling the home run- He is 100% certain that he is going to win the HOH comp tonight. The weird thing, is that he has pretty much everyone else convinced, as well. Hayden is almost pooping in his pants, worried about what will happen when (not if- mind you) Brendan wins HOH tonight. If Annie goes home, Brendan has promised to hold no grudges and plans on taking out two of the weak players.

But oh vengance shall be his, if his bosomy buddy goes.

need I say more?

The tension will be so thick today between “Brachel” and Annie, you will be able to cut it with a knife.

Annie has vowed to give a speech for the whole house today, so that ought to be  quite interesting..

Annie has her game face on

Stay tuned.. and get the Live Feeds here to get a taste of the mood and swing of the house today.

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