Racism on Big Brother 2013 has been the talk of the week, especially since the HouseGuests have been pretty boring the past few days over on the Live Feeds! We all saw the crazy fight and racial slurs flung around by Aaryn and GinaMarie on the show Sunday night and now Big Brother host Julie Chen went to her daytime job again and her and her The Talk co-hosts discussed the issues on Big Brother 15. Check it out in our Big Brother 2013 spoilers video below!


I have a few thoughts where the video is concerned and this whole racism issue on Big Brother 2013:

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  • Why is it that Julie Chen and the other co-hosts and a lot of fans that comment on blogs and fan sites seem to focus on Aaryn only? GinaMarie was the one that got in the face of Candice and said something about wanting “the black to come out.” GinaMarie has been right there flinging the trash around (and she has lost her job over it), but the focus is always on Aaryn and I don’t think that is right.
  • Don’t get me wrong, Aaryn is an evil person and will get hers when she comes back to the real world, but I think more people should be angry with GinaMarie as well.
  • I am beyond excited to see the live eviction show where Aaryn is evicted from the Big Brother 2013 house and how Julie Chen handles that interview. She is clearly upset about the situation and I want to see how she handles Aaryn and I am intrigued to see how the crowd reacts to her coming out those doors.

In the meantime, check out the ladies dishing about Big Brother 2013 and the racist and homophobic comments right here:

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