Everyone knows there’s going to be a twist in this, the Big Brother 2011 season? But what will it be?

I thought, while we’re waiting, we’d take a look at the previous season’s twists and see if we can predict what might happen this season for Big Brother 13. Starting with a rather bland season one, the producers of Big Brother have us all “twisted”  into knots, waiting to see what will happen.

Some twists we loved. Some we hated. And some left us scratching our heads asking… “Why, CBS, why?”

Here’s a breakdown on the Twists, Season by Season. Let us know which was your favorite and which made you want to put your foot through the screen.

And keep hangin with Bigbigbrother. The night of the premiere, we will be with you. Analyzing the Houseguests, commenting on the Twist. But mainly, we’re here to give you the TRUTH of what’s happening in the house when the CBS lights go off.

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Season One:

Twist-less. Ten HG’s, and starting with week one, all ten voted for the two they most wanted to evict. The two (or more if there was a tie) with the highest number of votes came up for eviction. And in the one and only time in Big Brother History– AMERICA, not the other Houseguests,  voted–by phone– for the HG they wanted to evict! Though this has never been tried again, it’s success with American Idol and the $$ they make on the texts leads us to wonder…   Would they…Could they try this again?  Hmmm??? *Interesting  note* Season One was also the only one that had showed the HG’s entering the house LIVE.  WINNER- Eddie McGee.

Season Two:

Biggest Change is America no longer has any control over the voting process. This is also the first season we see the all-powerful HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD, who’s duty it is to nominate two other HG’s for eviction. We also see our first Food Competition, the losers of which had to eat Peanut Butter and Jelly– Remember that? Before slop??? *Interesting note* Season Two gave us the first official alliance in Big Brother History- “Chilltown.” WINNER- Dr. Will Kirby

Season Three:

In this season, we got our first taste of that sneaky little devil, the POWER OF VETO. Though, in this season you could not use the POV on yourself until the last veto of the season- the Final Five. This season was the first where an evicted HG was voted BACK into the house. *Interesting Note* In what is arguably considered the most idiotic move in BB history- Marcellas does NOT use his final Power of Veto on  himself, thereby causing himself to get evicted. WINNER: Lisa Donahue

Season Four:

In Season Four, we find our first real “twist.” Season four was called the X-Factor, where 7 HG’s entered, thinking they were the only contestants. They were quickly disabused of that notion, when five more people entered, all of them ex-boy or girlfriends of the HG’s. Things got ugly, my friends.  The second big event was the full-time inclusion of the “Golden POV”- which the HG’s could then use on themselves. Also, this is the first time the evicted jury members were sequestered. *Interesting Note* First Big Brother Sex Scene! WINNER: Jun Song


Here comes the next big “twisty” season and from here on, each season has a name. “Project Do Not Assume- or DNA” for season five. In this season, you had twins who switched in and out undetected and a half-brother and sister who were re-united. We also saw the first time everyone didn’t play for POV, and the nominees got to choose who they wanted for the competition, it was no longer just random draw. *Interesting Note* The very first instance of “backdooring” took place in this season, though it wasn’t called that until later seasons. WINNER: Andrew “Drew” Daniel.


Season Six’s “Summer of Secrets”  premiered the first house-wide secret twist. Each of the 14 HG’s entering the house, already had a secret relationship with one other HG, creating 7 pairs. They played independently, but if the secret pair made it to the Final 2- the winner would get 1 million dollars, and the runner up- $250,000.  We also had another evicted HG return to the house, but this time through an America’s Poll. *Interesting Note* First BB soundbite- Janelle to Jennifer and Maggie after nominations- “Bye Bye, Bitches.” WINNER: Maggie Ausburn.


The Season 7 “ALL-STARS” twist was the most exciting one to date. With seasoned houseguests, this one got off to a bang. “Chilltown” is reunited. Romances are formed left and right, and the Backdooring begins for real. *Interesting Note* Shortest Shortest Final HOH Endurance Comp, ever, when  Mike intentionally lets go of his key and Janelle accidentally lets go of hers. WINNER: Mike “Boogie” Malin.


The most polarizing season ever. Fans took sides and they were serious! . First season of Showtime’s Big Brother Ater Dark, three hours of uncut, uncensored TV.  First time BB assigned an “America’s Player”-Eric Stein-, who had to complete tasks given to him by an America’s Vote.  *Interesting Note* First Father/Daughter team and first Father/Daughter winner-runner-up. WINNER: “Evel” Dick Donato


“Till Death Do you Part”. This midseason replacement was thrown together due to a Hollywood writer’s strike. Though we fans loved having our BB twice a year, this is undoubtedly the one of the most reviled seasons. The  It was difficult to root for anyone in this season where couples were thrown together with no thought of chemistry–to live and die as a team. *Interesting Note* At least three of this Season’s HG’s have, or are currently, serving time in jailincluding the WINNER: Adam Jasinski


Everyone was relieved when CBS announced Season Ten would be “Back to Basics.”  Back was the live audience for eviction Thursday, and once again, after several years, all the HG’s were complete strangers. *Interesting note* BB and CBS came under fire for airing the F-Word during a Tuesday night broadcast. The sex went to a hole (pun intended) new level when April and Ollie hooked up, and a two-man,  Day-One alliance made it to the Final Two. WINNER: Dan  Gheesling


Season Eleven gave us two of the least and two of the most popular HG’s of all time. The reviled, self-proclaimed “puppet master” Ronnie and the liar, runner-up Natalie. On the other hand, it also gave us what is undoubtedly one of the most loved couples in BB History, Jeff and Jordan. At the beginning of the season, BB broke the HG’s up into four competing “clans.”  Athletes, Popular, Brains and Off-Beat. *Interesting Note* Though a few HG’s had been removed from the game in years past for bad conduct, Chima’s fiery melt-down and subsequent exit was by far the most outrageous. WINNER: Jordan Lloyd.


In the most recent season, the twist was supposed to be a “saboteur.” One of the HG’s was a BB plant, tasked with causing havoc and chaos. Unfortunately, Annie, the saboteur didn’t keep her cool and ended up as the first person evicted, and though they did assign the job to another, it was just… ehh.. Lacking the “villains and heroes” of the previous season, Twelve was a lackluster performance, with little enthusiasm, except for the majority of the fan’s dislike of the couple, Brendan and Rachel. *Interesting note* Jeez- can’t really think of any, can you guys? WINNER: Hayden Moss.

Now, it’s your turn, and the question remains. What will be the big twist for Season 13? Most long-time fans feel an All-Stars coming, but guess it to likely be next year in Season 14. Let’s hear your theories as to what’s coming July 7th??

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