WOO! Big Brother 2010 is just around the corner and there is only a few days left, to sign up for the 33% Discount.
Are you READY??

UPDATE:  As of last night, the HG’s are in the house!  Wonder what kind of shenanigans they are up to? Oh to be a fly on that wall.  We’ll get to be flies pretty soon, though.  Only 4 more days……..

I was re-watching some of the live feeds on Superpass from last year and the year before on Flashback,(which is one of the more genius innovations I have seen in a long time).

Oh that sweet hammock time.. How many romances start here?

Psycho fights

I was really amazed at the things I saw. I had forgotten how crazy those HG’s get when they forget they are on camera and really say what they think and let loose.

Bedroom visits

When they are filming for the show, well… Don’t you act nicer when you know other people are watching? But after a few days, the HG’s really do seem to forget about the cameras.

All this season, I will tell you Spoilers and tell the real truth on what is happening in the house.

STAY TUNED and give your feedback!

Maybe a little naughtiness?

I can’t wait to become an Invisible Houseguest! Yes, it is a little bit sick, a tiny bit of the Voyeur in me, but hey.. what else is there to do? It is really HOT outside, right? And there is nothing crazier on TV!

Plotting and Scheming

My favorite part of the whole season, is knowing the secrets.

And…. Since we may not have members of MENSA in the house, we may as well at least enjoy the view!

For the Guys

A little something for the Ladies

Who will hook up this year?

Bath time!

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