The POV comp was just held in the Big Brother 2010 house. Now is the best time to sign up for the LIVE FEEDS, because this is when everyone starts scheming and scamming. And..don’t forget.. we have only evicted three people! This thing has just gotten started!

Britney won POV

POV aftermath

and Kristin has to wear the “Hippietard”!!

UPDATES LATER! Oh good Grief! Kristin is trying to talk Kathy into talking Britney into using POV on her (Kris). Kathy is agreeing, which is stupid to the nth degree. Who do you think Rachel will put up if Brit does use POV? Duh….  Their great plan is to tell Brit that Monet wouldn’t like Brit being friends with Rachel..

Rachel won a “Veto Ticket” with as yet unknown qualities..

Enzo won a TV-

Rachel won 5 grand, and Hayden is on 24 hr- solitary confinement, with a bucket of toilet paper and french bread and bottled water (Get it? Bread and Water..) in the Have-Not room, and is also on slop. all the HG’s are talking about how poorly Krayden did in the comp.

Yesterday, BB gave the HG’s a game in the BY to play with.  This either has something to do with the POV they are playing, or the next HOH comp.

This season has turned into a big ole catfight. The guys are playing it cool, while the women tear each other up. I am having a really tough time feeling anything for any of the gals.

Kathy is a class A-HOH suck up. Whoever is the HOH, she is right up their butt, then talks trash about them, as soon as their backs are turned.

Rachel is turning into a smirking, eye-rolling, doin’ it in the HOH-room chick. I think Brendan is in WAY over his head with her..

Kristin is finally showing her true colors after a few weeks of playing it on the low-down. Rachel’s HOH win really brought her claws out.

Oddly enough, after Monet left, Britney is my favorite girl right now. Yes, she is truly, horrifyingly awful some of the time, but you have to admit, she is hilarious, too..

and Who the hell is THIS homely chick??

Just a little “relations” update.  *ADULT* After Brenchel was finished.. Rachel asked Brendan if he (you-know-whated) inside of her? He said “Yeah, sorry” and she gave a huge sigh.  Are we going to see the first BB pregnancy??

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