I know, I know.  And things may look the same, with Brenchel once again reigning supreme in the Big Brother 2011 house. But a lot has happened since week one and the next few days are going to create MAJOR implications for down the road.   STAY TUNED today as we update you with all the major events.

Paranoia among the Vet alliance is growing, as each of the power couples know they will soon turn on each other. The big question is…..WHEN??

Apparently, after the HOH comp, Rachel pulled a…well…a Rachel, bragging and braying about winning again. This prompted yet another… “How to be a human being” lesson with Shelly.

Brendon and Rachel had a heated discussion last night in the HOH, after taking several HG’s advice on who to put up tomorrow. Of course, it wasn’t really a discussion, but more of a berating as Brendon scolded Rachel not to play with her emotions, but her head.

As of right now, it looks like the quarrelsome couple will put Dom and Adam on the block, with the intention of getting rid of Adam. Kalia and Lawon were discussed, too. But if Dom/Adam win POV, they could take K/L off the block, which would force them to put up JeJo. Although they plan to stick with the JeJo alliance for the moment, every move each couple makes in the next week or two is geared towards gaining allies for the big showdown between them.  Dani is still Dom’s biggest supporter. She works very hard, manipulating the others into believing that he’s on their particular side. Brenchel is blind to what Dani is really doing–setting herself up with a strong partner for when she can play again--though I think JeJo sees it.

Who do you think Rachel should nominate?

I won’t bore you with the HOH details, except to say that after Rachel read her letter, Brendon whined because her sister didn’t mention him or his family.

The next few days of the LIVE FEEDS should be the most interesting of the Big Brother 2011 Season. Nominations and Have-Not Competition today. POV Tomorrow.  We could see the fracture between the two power couples widen.  We definitely will see tons of backstage scheming, as Dani works to save her Pinocchio.

One thing worries me.. IF they nom Dom/Ad–and IF (by chance) Kalia or Lawon win POV,  we COULD see Jeff and Jordan on the block.  If you still don’t have the FEEDS–sign up here for your FREE TRIAL and watch the drama unfold over the next three days!!

Funniest moment of the night—Jeff and Jordan are sleeping in Brenchel’s old bed.  Not only did they strip the sheets they also—well, I’ll let you see for yourself. (Let’s just hope Jeff doesn’t go to jail.)



Don't DO it, Jeff! Don't you know?? Do not remove under penalty of law.




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