Things are very confusing in the Big Brother 2011 House right now.. IFwhat things said last night are true, production MAY be more involved in who gets kept, than they ever have been. Maybe I’m wrong, and I sure hope I am, but….

On FLASHBACK at 1:39am BBT— Dani told Rachel–in a private meeting in the HN room–that she was so sorry production waited till the last minute to “set this up”– Then, after weeks of hating each other and after Dani put Bookie out not once…But Twice... Out of the clear blue sky, Dani’s #1 enemy–Rachel–agrees to flip the house and vote to keep her???  That’s right, guys.  Looks like we may see Daniele stay tonight– and it may be due to interference by the “powers that be.”

Now– there are a couple of interpretations.  Some say she was apologizing TO production for putting this “deal” together at the last minute, and adding another segment to the show.
Some say- it meant she was sorry that production waited to the last minute to get her and Rachel together.

I’ll let you decide for yourself.  I know what I believe.

As of right now- I’m most impressed with Adam.  He’s in a great spot, and he is playing THE most straightforward, honest game in the house.

I think it’s highly likely that Daniele’s lies are going to keep going and keep her in the house. That’s my prediction, so take that as you will.

Watch the LIVE FEEDS today-– cause it’s gonna be the biggest, sickest roller-coaster for the next few days…  This is your chance to watch for yourself with your THREE DAY FREE TRIAL.

Then– Let’s hear what you think.

After meeting with Dani, Rachel went up to HOH and sorta semi-told JeJo what she’d heard about him throwing the Veto.  Jeff assured her, but he’s getting ticked that his alliance is still going back and forth..He’s explained a million times, that for an alliance to be successful (like the Brigade) they must…MUST stick together.. But will they?? That’s the question.

The OTHER question is this… Is Rachel just pulling all this–making Dani think she’s voting to keep her–to expose Shelly and hang her out to dry?  THAT would be a brilliant move on Rachel’s part-(yep, I said brilliant and Rachel in the same sentence.-lol)

Shelly’s teetering on the edge of a VERY big abyss.  Everyone knows that she lying to everyone, now.

Poor Jordan doesn’t want to confront her, cause she doesn’t want to upset Josie, her daughter.  But we all saw the little girl say on TV- “I wish my mom would stop lying.”   wow..

So… The bottom line is—NO ONE  knows what the heck will happen  tonight.. The one thing we DO know….It’ll be exciting!!!

In other news– the HG’s got a  game to practice. It’s most likely NOT gonna be the HOH– probably POV, if I had to guess.  Porshe and Jordan are both pretty good at it.



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