Tonight on Survivor, we will watch as the final castaways battle it out for the grand prize! Xander, Ricard, Heather, Deshawn, and Erika are the final 5 on Survivor 41 and are all in the running for $1 million! Refresh this page frequently for all the updates for the three-hour finale of Survivor 41!

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We started tonight’s episode off with the final five returning to camp after the last Tribal Council. There is still a lot of tension between Deshawn and Erika after Deshawn threw Erika under the bus. Deshawn and Erika do have a chance to talk things out and while they are out walking and talking, they come across envelopes with each of their names on them.

Inside the envelopes, there is a clue to the final advantage of the season, however, the words are scrambled and they have to unscramble the words in order to go looking for the clue. Xander is the first one to solve it, Ricard, Deshawn, and Heather are not far behind him and Erika is the last person to solve the clue, however, she is the one who found the advantage!

Erika reads the contents of the envelope and the advantage states that she will have an advantage in tonight’s Immunity Challenge. In the first challenge of the night, the castaways will have to make their way through an obstacle course and then solve a 75 piece puzzle. They are also told that they are competing for a steak dinner.

Erika’s advantage is, she will have four rungs on each ladder already put together. Erika is the first one to get to the puzzle, Deshawn is right behind her, and Ricard is the third one on the platform. Xander and Heather are on the platform just a moment later and they are all working on the 75 piece puzzle!

Erika ends up finishing her puzzle before anyone else and she is allowed to take one other person with her to the steak dinner. She decides that she is going to take Heather with her to dinner.

After dinner, Erika and Heather head back to camp and Erika talks to Ricard about what she is thinking going into this first Tribal Council. She tells Ricard that she doesn’t like Deshawn, but she is on the fence about sending him packing. Ricard is not happy about the way this conversation is going because he really wants to see Deshawn be the target because that means that the target isn’t on him.

Ricard talks to Xander a little later and Xander has decided that he wants to keep Ricard around and contemplates using his idol on Ricard if there is a possibility that he could go. Xander tells us that if he wants to save him, he can, but he is worried that this might hurt his chances at $1 million.

It is time for the first Tribal Council of the night! Jeff goes to tally the votes and comes back to tell the castaways that if they have a hidden immunity idol or advantage, now is the time to use it. Xander decides to use his Idol since it’s the last time he can use it and he uses it on himself.

  1. Deshawn – Ricard
  2. Ricard – Heather
  3. Ricard – Erika
  4. Ricard – Deshawn
  5. Ricard – Xander

With three votes, Ricard is the next member of the jury.

The final four head back to camp and while trying to sleep on the beach, it starts to pour rain outside. With them not having any shelter at the new camp, they are all soaked and unable to sleep.

It is time for the final Immunity Challenge of the season! In this challenge, the castaways will have to build a tower puzzle while holding onto a rope. Once the tower is built, they then have to hold the tower while walking back on the rocking beam. After struggling to keep the blocks up on the small platform and several of the castaways dropping their towers, Xander pulls off a win and guarantees his place in the Final Three!

Xander has a difficult decision to make going into this next Tribal Council. He has to decide who he is going to bring to Final 3 with him and who will battle it out in fire for the third and final spot. Xander decides that he is going to take Erika with him to final 3 and have Deshawn and Heather battle it out in a fire making challenge.

While Deshawn and Heather are practicing, Erika decides she is also going to practice. However, she can’t make fire and shows Xander that and now Xander is wondering if he should put her in the fire making challenge and make her prove herself.

It’s time for the Tribal Council! After some chit-chatting, it is time for Xander to make his decision. He does stick to his choice to bring Erika to the Final 3 which means that Heather and Deshawn will battle it out for the final spot in the F3. Deshawn is able to build fire first, but Heather is able to get her flame started before Deshawn’s gets too high. Moments later, Deshawn ends up smothering his flame and he has to start over.

In the end, Deshawn’s flame burns through his string and his flag goes up! Deshawn has earned his way into the Final 3!

The next morning, we get a look at Xander, Erika, and Deshawn eating and hanging out. We get a quick recap of each of their gameplay thus far. Now it is time for the final Tribal Council of the season!

After all the jury members all asked the questions they had and the castaways made their final arguments as to why they believe they should win, the jury voted. Here is how the votes landed:

  1. Erika
  2. Deshawn
  3. Erika
  4. Erika
  5. Erika
  6. Erika

Five votes is enough for Erika to take the title Sole Survivor and the $1 million grand prize!

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