Survivors, ready?! After more than a year, it is finally time for an all-new episode of Survivor 41! If you missed out on our cast reveal, make sure you check out our Meet the Castaways post from earlier today to get all the details on this year’s contestants. Tonight we will watch as 18 new castaways start their journey to a $1 million grand prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Refresh this page frequently to get all the details of tonight’s premiere of Survivor 2021 as it airs.

Throughout the episode, feel free to join me in the comments below as I chat about tonight’s episode, and let me know what you think of the castaways and who your early favorites are!

We started the night off with a look at Jeff walking around the island letting us know that this season is going to have more fan participation than ever before. After that, we get a look at all the castaways arriving at the boat that Jeff is on and as they are getting to the island, they are telling us about how much the game of Survivor means to them.

Jeff asks the castaways about how excited they are, what keeps people coming back, and asked what kind of impact the show has had on them. Jeff tells the castaways their tribe names and then they are told that they are starting with very little supplies and no food. He tells them that this is a new era of Survivor.

It’s time for their first task! They have to find their six colored paddles and then row their boats out to the flint. The first tribe to get to the flint, win flint, a machete, and a pot. Luvu is the first tribe to get all their stuff on the boat, Ua is right behind them and then takes the lead, meanwhile, Yase is still trying to get their stuff off the ship. Ua wins the first challenge and gets their supplies at their camp.

When the castaways get to camp, Sara from Ua shares with us that she lost her grandmother to Covid and she was a huge fan of the show. The Ua tribe start collecting supplies and make their shelter. We also found out that Brad lost his father a week before coming out there. Jairus (JD) was able to get a fire going for Ua also.

When Yase gets to their camp, they get a task in order to earn their supplies. There is either a puzzle or a sweat challenge. They only get one guess with the puzzle and the sweat challenge involves them filling two barrels with ocean water. For either task, they get four hours to complete and they choose the sweat challenge.

Luvu gets the same choice for their supplies and they also go with the sweat challenge and after filling their buckets once and putting them on a long stick to carry back, the stick breaks, and their buckets fall to the ground. While filling their barrels, Danny and Deshawn are looking for idols and they got caught looking for idols by Naseer. Naseer then goes back to tell Erika and Sydney.

Liana and Evvie on Yase are talking while gather supplies and they seem to be hitting off pretty well. Evvie then talks to Abraham and Abraham talks about how Tiffany let one of the paddles float away. Liana goes to Tiffany and gives her a heads up. Tiffany tells us her story about being a previvor of breast cancer which means she has had preventative surgery after finding out she had the breast cancer gene. When they did her surgery, they did find early-stage cancer.

On Ua, Shantel (Shan) is playing all sides of the tribe and making early deals with everyone on her tribe. After getting a look there, we go back to Danny and Deshawn and Xander and Voce filling their barrels. Both tribes are able to complete the task but on Luvu, Deshawn gets wind that Naseer snitched on them looking for idols while they were doing the task. This has Deshawn thinking that Naseer might have to be the first to go if they lost the first challenge.

All of a sudden, on Luvu, there is a boat and they get a note that says one person needs to get on the boat and make a decision. Once they make the decision, they will then return to camp. Danny goes for Luvu, Xander goes for Yase, and JD goes for Ua. Every one of them is a little nervous about going because they are worried about what might happen when they are away from camp and what will happen when they get back.

The three boats leave and they find out that the three of them are all going to the same place. They get there and introduce themselves and then read a sign that says to walk the path and get to know each other on the way. This trek is a long one and they are all exhausted when they get to where they are going. When they get to the end of the path, they find out that they will all go their separate ways and make a decision privately before returning to camp.

They find out that if they all protect their votes, nothing happens. If they all choose to lose their vote, they will all lose their vote. If it’s a split vote, anyone who chose to protect their vote will keep their vote and anyone who chose to risk it will get an extra vote.

Danny goes back to Luvu and he tells them the truth, including how he voted. Xander goes back to Yase and also tells them that he risked his vote in hopes to get an extra vote for them to use later. JD goes back to camp and also tells Ua the truth about the trek and the choice, but he tells them that he protected his vote, but his tribemates don’t believe him.

It is time for our first Immunity Challenge! But first, Jeff tells them about a shot in the dark dice which allows them to chose whether or not they want to risk their vote to try and win a 1 in 6 chance at winning safety. In this challenge, the castaways will go through an obstacle course to get to their puzzle pieces and then hoist them up to two more castaways who will be in charge of putting the puzzle together. Jeff tells them that the first tribe only will be safe tonight. There will be two people going home and the tribes that don’t win will have to forfeit their flint until the next challenge!

Ua is the first tribe to get their pieces to the top with their puzzle pieces, Yase is the second, and Luvu is right behind them. All three tribes are working on their puzzles at the same time and after having to go all the way back, Luvu takes the lead and holds it. Luvu is the first tribe to win immunity on Survivor 41! Ua and Yase will both head to Tribal Council tonight and both tribes have lost their flint until the next challenge.

On Yase, Liana and Tiffany are talking about wanting Abraham out since he was targeting Tiffany. Meanwhile, Abraham is talking to Xander and Voce about getting Tiffany out and they agree that she should be the one to go. Evvie tells us that while she understands that they need to keep the tribe strong, but she doesn’t want that to mean voting out all the girls. Evvie talks to Xander and Voce about the possibility of keeping Tiffany instead. Tiffany goes on the search for an idol and is really close to one, but doesn’t see it.

On Ua, Sara and Ricard are talking about getting rid of JD. However, Ricard tells us that because Shantel and Sara messed up the puzzle, Sara might not be safe this week. Brad says that Sara and Shan are both on the table too, mind you, they are standing right there. Brad says that he doesn’t want to get rid of JD right now. Brad then tells JD that Sara and Ricard are throwing him under the bus. It looks like Sara might be the target for Ua tonight.

First Tribal Council is for Yase. It is time to vote:

  • Tiffany
  • Abraham
  • Abraham
  • Abraham
  • Abraham

Four votes were enough to send Abraham packing. I also want to point out that Xander did earn an extra vote to be used at any point in the game.

Now it’s time for the Ua Tribal Council. It is time to vote:

  • Ricard – Erika
  • Sara – JD
  • Brad – Sara
  • Sara – Brad
  • Sara – Ricard
  • Sara – Liana

Three votes were enough to send Sara home from Survivor.

I have added the full vote reveals for you all above including who voted for who in the last vote of the night. See you all next week!

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