Tonight on Survivor 2022, we will watch as one castaway drops out of the Immunity Challenge! Find out which of the Survivor 42 castaways leave their fate in the game on the chopping block by following along with my live recap. Refresh this page frequently and join in the conversation about tonight’s episode of Survivor in the comments below!

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We started tonight’s episode off with Lindsay and Drea talking about their amulets and Lindsay realizes that because Hai is gone, their amulets are not Steal-A-Votes. The next day, everyone is gathering around and talking about Romeo and how he is always the first one to eat, but never helps cook anything.

Mike and Omar go to get water and Mike tells Omar that he is worried about Drea and her advantages. Drea realizes that they are gone a little too long and starts yelling for them to come back with the water. When they get back, Omar tells Drea about how Mike is feeling like he is playing the best game after pulling off a big move last week.

Throughout the episode, people started talking about how Jonathan is starting to unravel. He’s hungry, cranky, and taking it out on a lot of people and the others are starting to talk about trying to get him out this week.

Before the Immunity Challenge, we find out that tonight will be the Do or Die challenge. The first person out during tonight’s challenge they have to play Do or Die. They can choose not to play in the challenge at all. Tonight they will be balancing on a narrow perch while holding onto a handle behind their head. If they slip off, they are eliminated. Jeff then tells them about Survivor Do or Die and tells them that they can choose not to play at all.

Jonathan and Lindsay are the only ones that have decided to play in the challenge. That means that one of them will have their game left up to a chance. Everyone else goes and takes a seat on the sideline while Jonathan and Lindsay get ready for their one-on-one competition. One of them will be completely safe, the other could be sent home with the Do or Die!

After about 15 minutes, Lindsay drops off her perch and Jonathan wins Immunity. Lindsay might not be. If she wins, she will be safe and a vote will take place. However, if she loses she will be the next member of the jury. If Lindsay goes home tonight, Drea’s amulet turns into an idol. Mike talks to Drea about how he wants Romeo out, but then Mike tells Lindsay that he wants Drea out. Mike continues to make his rounds to the others and tells Jonathan who then talks to Maryanne. They all agree that Drea needs to be the one that goes if Lindsay is safe tonight.

Omar is torn and he goes to talk to Drea. Omar mentions that he thinks that they should vote Mike out soon. Omar says he is worried about Mike’s idol though and Drea tells him about her Knowledge is Power Advantage and tells Omar that she can take Mike’s idol. That opens up the ability to blindside Mike. Omar goes to talk to Lindsay and they realize that if they tell Mike about Drea’s power and talk him into giving one of them his idol, they could still get Drea out this week and could still keep Mike’s idol.

It’s time for Tribal Council! After some chatting about the atmosphere back at camp after the Immunity Challenge. Drea points out that she was noticing all whispering and stuff at camp. Then it is time for Lindsay to pick her box for the Do or Die. She chooses the middlebox and Jeff tells her he is going to open one of the boxes. He opens one and it’s a skull which means that there is one skull and one flame left. She is then told that she can switch her box if she chooses to. However, she sticks with her first choice and it pays off! She gets the box with the flame which means she is safe tonight.

Now there will be a vote! Drea decides that she is going to play her Knowledge is Power Advantage. She directs her question to Mike and asks him if he has an idol. He tells her no and we get a look at Omar talking to Mike before the Tribal Council. Omar told Mike about this advantage and gets Mike to give him the idol. After the votes are tallied, no one plays an idol and Jeff reads the votes:

  • Drea – Omar
  • Mike – Drea
  • Drea – Mike
  • Mike – Romeo
  • Drea – Lindsay
  • Drea – Maryanne
  • Drea – Jonathan

With 5 votes, Drea is the next member of our Jury.

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