Tonight on Survivor 42 we will watch as the remaining six castaways battle it out for individual immunity and their spot in the Final Five on Survivor 2022. Which castaway do you want to see make it to next week’s 3-hour finale? Refresh this page frequently to find out if your favorite makes it to the finale and which castaway will be added to the jury at tonight’s Tribal Council!

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We start tonight’s episode of Survivor off with Omar and Mike talking back at camp about everything that happened at Tribal Council. Mike also asked Omar for his idol back and Omar handed it over. Mike tells us that he knows that he knows that Omar is coming after him in the final because he is too likable. That means that he needs to take Omar out first.

Mike goes to Maryanne and starts to convince her that Omar needs to go. She tells Mike that she has been in an alliance with Omar since Day 1. Mike tells her that he’s been in an alliance with Omar since merge so he is clearly playing both sides. While talking to Mike, Maryanne divulges to Mike that she has an extra vote. She also tells us that if she doesn’t make this move, then she won’t win and that’s terrifying to her.

Maryanne tells Omar, Lindsay, and Romeo that Mike is paranoid and is most likely going to play his idol at the next Tribal Council. They talk about if that’s the case, then Jonathan can’t win the next challenge. Mike talks to Jonathan and starts to drive a wedge between Jonathan, Omar, and Lindsay. Jonathan tells us that the Taku four made it to Final Six and that’s as far as they go together. It’s time for them to break up.

It’s time for today’s Reward Challenge. They will unravel themselves, walk a balance beam where they will find a key that unlocks a box of puzzle pieces, and put the puzzle together. The winner will be able to pick between getting chicken and vegetables or cake and cookies. Jonathan is in the lead, Linsday is right behind him, and Omar, Romeo, Mike, and Maryanne all join not too long after. Omar takes the lead, but Maryanne isn’t far behind him. In the end, Omar ends up pulling out the win.

Jeff tells Omar that he can choose if he wants grilled chicken and veggies and two people to go along or cookies and cake and three people to go along. Omar chooses to go with cookies and cake and take three people with him. He takes Romeo, Maryanne, and Mike to go with him. Jonathan and Lindsay head back to camp with nothing.

After the cake and cookies, Mike and Lindsay have a conversation and he finds out that Lindsay has an idol that she has to use at the next Tribal Council. He goes to Jonathan and tells him that anyone but Lindsay can win the Immunity Challenge. He then tells Maryanne about this idol and Maryanne is surprised by this because she and Lindsay are in an alliance and she had no idea that Lindsay had this amulet. Now Maryanne is worried about her relationship with Lindsay.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge! In this challenge, the castaways will have to race over a series of obstacles and over a bridge made of pieces that the castaways will use to make steps in the next part of the challenge. After they complete their staircase, they will go up to the platform where there is a table maze for them. They will have to land two balls into the maze and the castaway that does this the fastest will win immunity and a guaranteed spot in the Final Five!

When the castaways get to the maze, it comes down to Jonathan and Lindsay, but Lindsay’s ball falls, and then so does Jonathan. They manage to get back to about even. In the end, Jonathan’s ball drops again and Linsday pulls off the win! That means that she can use her amulet on someone else tonight if she chooses.

There is a lot of talk about everyone voting Jonathan out, but Maryanne thinks that they can get Omar out with her two votes and Jonathan and Mike’s votes. Mike tells her that they should play it safe and get Romeo out, but Maryanne really thinks that she can get Romeo to vote for Omar instead of Mike. This will give her three votes against Omar, two votes against Romeo, and two votes against Jonathan at Tribal Council.

It is time for Tribal Council! After the castaways vote, Jeff goes to tally them. He tells everyone that if they have a hidden immunity idol or an advantage to play, now is the time to do so. No one plays anything. Here are the votes:

  • Jonathan – Omar
  • Romeo – Jonathan
  • Jonathan – Lindsay
  • Romeo – Mike
  • Omar – Romeo
  • Omar – Maryanne
  • Omar – Maryanne

Right before the last vote was read, Omar put his hand on Maryanne’s shoulder and said, “you did it?” and Maryanne said, “I did.” Everyone in the room was shocked, but Maryanne pulled off her plan to get Omar out this week on Survivor 42!

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