Tonight on Survivor 42 we will watch as two castaways befriend each other despite their differences. We will also see the “Beware” Immunity Idol return to the Survivor 2022 game! Refresh this page frequently to get all the details and see how the Survivor castaways might have to switch up their game as a result of it!

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We start tonight’s episode off with Tori telling us how grateful she is to still be in the game, but also upset that Zach was voted out. Meanwhile, on Vati, the castaways are all preparing a crab that they caught, but Hai is vegan and passes on the food at first. He comes to the realization that he isn’t going to be able to sustain himself if they aren’t going to have rice or anything else. He does end up giving in and eating some of the crab and tells us that he will forgive himself later.

On Taku, Omar opens up to the tribemates about his Muslim religion and tells them that he isn’t going off looking for an immunity idol, chances are he will be on the beach praying. We jump back over to Ika where Drea tells Tori and Swati that she has an extra vote and tells them how she got it. Tori tells us that she thinks Drea might have too much power and as soon as Drea walks away, Swati mentions wanting to target Drea for that very reason.

Mike finds the Beware immunity idol and he is told that this is a three-way immunity idol. There is one at each camp and they must all be found before they work. He is told that he has to say a phrase at the immunity challenge and if others also say their phrases then they will all activate. He also reads that he has no vote until they are all found.

On Taku, Marya is talking about the loss of her brother. She tells us that he was the first healthcare worker who died of Covid-19 in the US. On Vati, Mike tells Daniel about his idol when then runs and tells Channelle. Channelle tells us that Mike’s idol is a huge advantage, but she is happy that Mike is talking to Daniel and her and Daniel are working together.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge! It is an obstacle course that they will go through blindfolded with one tribemate guiding them. There is also a puzzle at the end. They are told that the first two tribes to win will get immunity will also win reward! They will be playing for a fishing gear set. The first tribe will win a big one and the second tribe will get a smaller one. The last tribe to finish will head to Tribal Council and Ika is playing for their flint back. Vati has one extra castaway and Daniel volunteers to sit out.

Taku is in the lead before the puzzle part of the challenge, and Ika is right behind them. Vati is the last tribe to head to the puzzle table. They all get their pieces out of the bags and on the table. Drea, Lydia, and Johnathan are still talking their tribemates through the puzzle. Vati is the first tribe to finish their puzzle and they win Immunity and the big fishing gear set. Ika finishes second and gets Immunity, the smaller fishing gear set, and their flint back. That leaves Taku heading to Tribal Council.

Before the Tribal Council, there was a lot of talk about either Maryanne or Marya being voted out tonight. At the Tribal Council, the castaways sat and talked about the game, and then it was time to vote! Jeff tells the castaways that if they have an advantage or a hidden immunity idol, now is the time to use it. Marya played her shot in the dark and when Jeff opens it, it shows that any votes for Marya will still count. Here are the votes:

  1. Marya – Maryanne
  2. Marya – Tori
  3. Marya – Omar
  4. Marya – Johnathan

With four votes, Marya was voted off of Survivor 42. During the vote, Maryanne received her extra vote but held onto it.

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