Tonight on Survivor 42, the castaways on Taku will have to mend some things after last week’s Tribal Council drew a line in the sand. Daniel starts asking Mike about his idol on Survivor 2022 and asks to read the note attached to it. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor, including who wins this week’s Immunity challenge!

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We started tonight’s episode of Survivor with Taku reflecting on the Tribal Council. Maryanne goes for a walk and finds a hidden immunity idol and sees that it warns her before she opens it. She decides to keep it and reads the note. She knows that she has to say a secret phrase and the other two also have to be said at the same immunity challenge before it’s active. She then reads further and realizes that she has no vote until the idol is active.

Meanwhile, on Vati, Daniel asks to read Mike’s idol letter and he agrees so that Daniel will leave him alone. After Daniel reads it, he realizes that the idol isn’t active and Mike doesn’t have a vote until it is. When Daniel goes back to give Mike his idol back, the only thing he hands him is the letter that explains it. The idol and the congratulations note is gone. Mike and Daniel walk back to where Daniel read the details and realizes that he left the idol and congratulations note on the ground.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge! The first two tribes to win will get a toolkit and fruit to bring back to camp on top of immunity. Romeo sits out for Ika since they have an extra player. Taku takes a strong lead to start off this challenge, but Ika and Vati struggle to swim against the currents. Taku makes it to the beach and gets to the next part of the challenge while the other two tribes are still in the water. Taku wins immunity and the other teams are still fighting the waves.

After a little while, Jeff calls both of the tribes onto the beach and tells the tribes that they will get retrieve the keys for them and let them continue the challenge from the beach. Vati takes a lead, but Ika is right behind them. The teams stay tied getting to the last sandbag, but Ika is able to pull off the win! That means that Vati will be heading to Tribal Council. Taku is given the choice to take the fishing gear over the tool kit and fruit and they decide to do that.

Taku is told that they have to pick someone from Vati to send on a journey and they chose to send Channelle. They are then told that they can choose someone from Ika or their own tribe to go on the same journey. They choose to send Omar from Taku.

Back at camp, Vati discusses who they should vote out tonight and it sounds like Lydia and Jenny are top on that list. Mike and Daniel want to see Lydia go, but Lydia and Hai want Jenny to go. This means that Channelle is going to be the deciding vote. Speaking of Channelle, she and Omar are making their decision on whether they are going to risk or protect their votes. They both choose to risk their vote which means that they are both going to lose their votes at Tribal Council. Therefore, Channelle is not going to be the deciding vote.

Channelle gets to camp and Daniel fills her in quickly about what might go on. Channelle tells Hai and Lydia that they have to split the vote, but her plan is to get Hai to vote for Jenny and Lydia to vote for Mike so that Daniel and Jenny can vote Lydia out. Hai says that he doesn’t feel right about this and says that he is going to have to trust his gut with this one.

It is time for the Tribal Council! The votes are in and Jeff goes to tally the votes and when he comes back, he tells everyone that if they have an idol or an advantage now is the time to use it. No one has one and he reads off the votes:

  • Lydia
  • Jenny
  • Lydia
  • Jenny

There is a tie so the castaways have to do a revote for Jenny or Lydia.

  • Jenny
  • Lydia

They have tied again. Hai is confused because there are four of them and only two votes. The castaways are told that per the rules of Survivor since they are deadlocked, it is up to the castaways to come to a unanimous decision. However, since two of them can’t vote, they will have no final say in the decision. Jeff is forced to reveal that Mike and Channelle didn’t vote and tell Hai and Daniel that the decision is theirs. He also explains that if they can’t come to a decision, Lydia and Jenny will then be safe and the other four will draw rocks to find out who goes home.

Daniel starts the talk off by saying that he doesn’t want to draw rocks. He also tells Hai that he only voted for Lydia because he was under the impression that Channelle wanted Lydia out. After the talks, Hai tells everyone that he is not changing his vote and will just draw rocks. Daniel throws Channelle under the bus to protect his alliance with Hai and Lydia. Daniel asks Hai and Lydia if they will hold this against him if he chooses to change his vote and they both tell him no. Hai tells Jeff that he is sticking with his vote and Daniel decides to vote Jenny out as well to avoid drawing rocks.

Jenny has become the next person voted out of Survivor.

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