Tonight on Survivor 42 we will watch as the remaining castaways battle it out for immunity. The twist for this week’s Survivor 2022 episode is that two castaways will be winning immunity and two castaways will be sent home! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor and find out which castaways will become the next two members of our jury!

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We start tonight’s episode of Survivor off with the castaways talking about the vote from last week. Hai is upset that Romeo voted for him even though Romeo is denying it. Later, Hai tells Mike, Jonathan, and Rocksroy that he wants Romeo gone. After Hai leaves the conversation, Rocksroy tells Jonathan and Mike that he would like to make an alliance with him, Hai, Jonathan, Rocksroy, and Omar. However, Hai doesn’t want to be a part of this because he doesn’t like Rocksroy.

It is time for tonight’s Immunity Challenge! Tonight the castaways will have to stand on a triangular platform with their feet on very narrow footboards. At regular intervals, they will have to move up on the triangle. They will be broken up into two groups of five and one person from each team will win immunity. The team of the person who lasts the longest will be the second tribe to vote someone out. The final person standing will also win food for their team.

Within minutes, Hai, Lindsay, and Jonathan are the last three standing. Hai is the last standing for his team so he has immunity but he is fighting for the food reward and for his team to be the last tribe to go to Tribal Council. Lindsay falls which leaves Jonathan and Hai as the last men standing. They will both win Immunity, but only one team will win the food. Hai ends up falling before Jonathan which means that Jonathan’s team will win the food. Romeo, Mike, Hai, Rocksroy, and Omar will go to Tribal Council first tonight and hang out at one of the old campsites. Meanwhile, Jonathan, Drea, Maryanne, Tori, and Lindsay will get food and will go to Tribal Council second tonight.

On one island, they are looking to get rid of Romeo, but then talks swing towards Rocksroy. Meanwhile, Jonathan wants to vote out Drea but plans to tell Drea that they are voting out Maryanne. Drea sees a red flag when he mentions this to her. When Jonathan brings this to Lindsay, Lindsay tells him that if Drea is voting for Maryanne and Drea plays her idol, then Maryanne ends up going. She mentions that Maryanne has an idol and an extra vote that Maryanne could potentially use in their favor. Jonathan says that they need to rethink things then, but Jonathan isn’t listening to what Lindsay is trying to tell him.

It’s time for the first Tribal Council where Hai, Mike, Rocksroy, Omar, and Romeo are sitting in front of Jeff. After some talks, it’s time for the first vote. Jeff tells them if anyone has a hidden immunity idol or advantage that they would like to play, now is the time to do so. No one uses anything. Here are the votes:

  • Romeo
  • Rocksroy
  • Rocksroy
  • Rocksroy

With three votes, Rocksroy takes a seat next to Chanelle on the Jury Bench. Drea is shocked when the second group walks in and sees him sitting there. Everyone is confused about Rocksroy being voted out. After some talks, Drea tells everyone that she is playing her idol tonight. Jonathan then starts talking to Linsday and Maryanne and then they bring Tori into the conversation. The conversation turns to representation and how important it is for Drea to stay in this game to represent the black community. Maryanne also says that she will be playing her idol tonight. This goes beyond the game.

Due to the depth of the conversation and to not take away from the moment, they decide that they are going to talk it out from their seats instead of doing a formal vote. Drea and Maryanne, both hand in their idols, and Jeff verifies that they are both real. Jonathan is also safe meaning that Tori and Linsday are the only ones who can be voted out.

After talking, it is revealed that Tori would have the two votes to go, and at this point, Tori decides that she is going to play her shot in the dark. If she gets safety with her shot in the dark, that means that Lindsay will go and Tori will stay. Tori goes to play her shot in the dark and hands the scroll to Jeff. Jeff opens it and it reveals that Tori is not safe. Tori has become the third member of the jury.

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