Who is ready to kick off the two-hour season premiere of Survivor 42? I know I am! Tonight we will watch as 18 castaways start their quest to $1 million and the title of Sole Survivor. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor 2022 with my live recap and join in the conversation on social media or below in the comments.

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Tonight’s episode of Survivor will start off with an introduction to all 18 castaways. If you would like to check out their bios at CBS.com, check out my article right here and click on their names! The castaways start this season on the beach with Jeff Probst. After a brief chat, they are told their first task is for one person from each tribe will run and untie two paddles from a cargo net, then another will run to get two more. They will then have to build a pole out of bamboo and twine to retrieve a flint off a post in front of them. The first tribe to get their flint will win basic camp supplies.

The tribes get to the cargo net and start untying their first paddles. They get back to the beach and the second castaway rushes off for the others. When Lindsay gets to the paddles, she sees a podium where they are told they have to wait for the other two to get there. Drea and Hai get there and Lindsay reads the paper. They are told that they can work together and each would get an advantage or they could just grab their paddles and run back to their tribes. They agree to work together if they make it to merge together and each grab their advantages. They are told that to cover up their lie, they can cover themselves with mud and fake blood before heading back to the beach with their paddles. The others are starting to worry about what’s taking so long.

Lindsay, Drea, and Hai all rush back to the beach and jump into their boats with the other tribemates. They make their way out to the platform where their bamboo sticks are and Taku makes it back first, Vati gets there moments later and Ika gets there right after them. All three tribes are going for their flint at the same time, Ika manages to knock theirs off the post, but they have to drag it back to him. Rocksroy manages to get the ring around the bamboo stick and back to the platform and they win the first challenge.

Ika is told their camp building supplies will be back at their camp and the other two tribes are told they will have a chance to earn theirs in another way. During the challenge, Daniel dislocated his shoulder, and medical is brought back in to pop it back into place. He is told that he needs to be careful, but he is good to stay and compete.

The two tribes who are without supplies are told that they can either solve a puzzle that involves counting triangles in a puzzle or they can take a pot and fill a giant drum. Either way, they have four hours to do it. Both tribes go with the puzzle. One has all their castaways working on the puzzle so they can all take responsibility for it. The other tribe has half of them working on the puzzle and the others starting to build their shelter. They get two guesses and both tribes guessed 51 as one of their two and that was the correct answer!

On Ika, Rocksroy is getting frustrated because he doesn’t feel like the rest of the tribemates are pulling their weight. He starts to get a little pushy, but everyone starts helping out. Meanwhile, Lindsay, Drea, and Hai sneak off and read their advantages. Inside, they have an amulet and the more amulets in play, the different powers they hold. If there are three in play, they hold the power of an extra vote. If there are two in play, they work as a steal-a-vote. If there is only one in play, it works as an immunity idol.

Jackson is talking to his tribemates and opens up about being a transgender man and his journey through his transition which started 8 years ago. On Vati, Lydia and Hai seem to be working together, along with Jenny and Mike which leaves Daniel and Chanelle. Daniel is asked by his other tribemates about a scar on his chest and he opens up about his battle with childhood Leukemia.

On Ika, there seems to be a duo forming between Zach and Romeo. Tori goes off looking for things for the shelter and the rest of the tribe things she was off looking for an idol. She looked around a little but didn’t find one. Zach decides that he is going to tell Tori that there are rumors of her looking for an idol. She tells us she is going to try and find a way to turn this around though.

Each tribe sees a boat come to shore and is told that one person needs to get on the boat. Maryanne volunteers, Drea goes from Ika, and Jenny from Vati. They all get to the island and are told to make the trek up the mountain and get to know each other. When they get to the top of the summit, they are told they will separate now and make a decision. They are told they can protect their vote or risk their vote. If all protect, nothing changes, if all pick risk then all players lose their vote, if it’s a split decision anyone who protects their vote gets nothing, but anyone who risks their vote will get an extra one.

Drea risks her vote, Maryanne also risks her vote, Jenny decides to protect hers. That means that Maryanne and Drea will get an extra vote and nothing will change for Jenny.

Jeff comes to Taku’s camp and talks to them a bit. Jeff tells them that he came there with the purpose of having a conversation with Jackson. Jeff starts to talk to him without mentioning anything specifically, Jackson had waited until the last minute to disclose to the show that he was weening himself off a medication. Jackson tells Jeff that he is very open to talking about why he takes Lithium and tells him that he started taking it when his mom was sick to help with insomnia. Jeff tells him that the only issue they have is that his body could have a bad reaction when you factor in the dehydration, hunger, and stress of the game. Jeff tells him that unfortunately, they can’t let him continue on the show. Jackson then has to go tell his tribe that he, unfortunately, has to leave the game.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge. Ika and Vati have to pick one person from each tribe to sit out. Lydia and Romeo sit out. At this point, they were also told about the Shot in the Dark Dice. They are told that if they feel like they are in trouble, they can forfeit their vote and use their die for a one in six chance at safety. The first tribe to finish the Immunity Challenge is Taku and shortly after Vati also finishes their puzzle at the end of the challenge. That means that Ika will be heading to Tribal Council and one of their tribe members will be heading home and will lose their flint until the next Immunity Challenge.

Back at Ika, Tori decides that she is going to dispel any rumors that she might have an idol. Tori tells Drea that she would like to talk to her one on one because she heard that the rumor started with her. They go off to talk and Drea tells her that the rumor was that she was looking for an idol, not that she had one. Drea tells Tori that during the Immunity Challenge, Rocksroy didn’t do anything. Meanwhile, Rocksroy and Swati talk about voting out Zach. When Drea goes to talk to Romeo, Romeo talks her into voting for Tori instead. Rocksroy and Swati tell Romeo that they aren’t voting out Tori. They are voting out Zach.

It is time for the Tribal Council! After some talking, it’s time to vote. Zach decided to play his shot in the dark and not vote. Drea finds out that she got an extra vote that she slips into her pocket. Jeff tells them that if anyone has an advantage or idol to play, now is the time to do so. Zach reveals that he played his shot in the dark and opens his scroll. His scroll reveals that he is not safe from this vote and any votes cast against him will still count.

  1. Zach – Swati
  2. Zach – Tori
  3. Zach – Rocksroy
  4. Zach – Romeo
  5. Zach – Drea

By a unanimous vote, Zach has been the second person to leave Survivor 42!

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