Last night we watched as season 39 of Survivor: Island of the Idols kicked off in a big way. We saw as the 20 brand new castaways went head to head in their first Immunity Challenge and one castaway from the losing tribe got to visit Island of the Idols, which wasn’t what they expected it to be. Keep reading to get a quick recap of what happened and who was voted off right here!

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Last night we watched as the two tribes of 10 castaways got settled into what will be their new homes for the next 39 days. We saw a lot of early alliances forming and we saw as some of the castaways put targets on their back. Tom, Elaine, and Vince were a small group that seemed to really hit it off early in the game, but some of their fellow tribemates thought that it was a little suspicious that they were venturing off together.

During the Immunity Challenge, the Lairo Tribe had an early lead, however, the Vokai Tribe was able to catch up and take it fairly easily. While doing the puzzle at the end of the challenge, Lairo had some issues with their pieces fitting together which caused them to have to take a lot of the puzzle apart again. This allowed for the Vokai Tribe to finish their puzzle first and win not only immunity from Tribal Council, but flint to take back to camp.

After the challenge was over and Vokai headed back to their camp, Lairo was told that they would be attending Tribal Council, but there was also another twist. They were told that all their names were inside a pouch and someone needed to put their hand in and pick a name. Elaine picked the name and Elizabeth was sent to Island of the Idols.

When Elizabeth got there, she was greeted by Boston Rob and Sandra, who told her that they were there to mentor the new castaways. As they were talking, Elizabeth told Rob and Sandra about the conditions at their camp and how they didn’t have a fire. Rob taught her how to make a fire and then put her new skill to the test. She was challenged by Rob in a fire-making challenge and told that if she won she would receive an Immunity Idol good at one of the next two Tribal Councils, however, if she lost, she would lose her vote at last night’s Tribal Council.

After mulling it over, Elizabeth took Rob’s challenge and ultimately lost. He asked her what she was thinking of going up against her and told her that this taught her a valuable lesson. Always go with your gut! When she went back to camp, she told her tribemates a lie about where she was sent. After, she got filled in on who everyone was thinking about voting out. Ronnie wanted Elaine out and Aaron told Elizabeth that he also wanted Elaine out, but it looks like they are going with Vince (this was after Elizabeth struck a deal with Aaron). Elaine and her allies had talked about Ronnie being their target after Ronnie tried to convince Elaine that he was an ally to her and she didn’t buy it.

When they got to the Tribal Council, Elaine told Jeff that she was nervous about tonight’s Tribal because she knows that her name was being thrown around. She says that at this point in the game, it doesn’t make sense to vote her out because she is likable now and that who’s to say she will be likable later. After she plead her case, it was time for the castaways to cast their votes. With 10 tribe members, it took 6 votes to get out their target and it wasn’t who anyone thought it was going to be after all the focus was on Elaine.

After the first four votes, it was tied 2-2 between Ronnie and Vince. The next four votes were for Ronnie and he was ultimately voted off of Survivor: Island of the Idols. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned blindside?

What do you think of the new season of Survivor so far? Any favorites after the premiere?

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