Tonight we will watch as another castaway heads to the Island of the Idols on Survivor season 39. We will also watch as the castaways compete in another Immunity Challenge where one castaway will be safe from tonight’s Tribal Council. If you missed what happened last week, check out our full recap right here to get all caught up. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode and join in the conversation in the comments below!

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We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with a look at Noura trying to plead her case to Tommy and swearing up and down that she wasn’t going to vote for Tommy. She tells us how annoyed she is with Dean for blowing up their entire game at Tribal.

Early the next morning, Elaine and Dean start looking around for an idol. Janet and Tommy go out looking a little later on. Janet ends up finding an Idol inside a tree stump. Janet shows Tommy her idol and while Dean and Elaine are walking around, they notice that Janet and Tommy are talking and Janet is showing Tommy something. He assumes that it’s the idol they have all been looking for. It is.

Meanwhile, Elaine is planting seeds of doubt in Lauren’s mind about Tommy not keeping her going into Final 3. However, Dan, Dean, and Tommy have a Final 3 deal. Moments later, a guy on a boat brings a bag and a note. The note reads, “Sometimes it comes down to chance. Draw one name and that person must come to the Island of the Idols immediately.” Janet pulls a name and it’s Dean’s. He gets on the boat and heads to the Island of the Idols.

When he gets to the Island of the Idols, he is greeted by Rob and Sandra and he gets really excited. Rob and Sandra offer him some food and they start chatting. He talks about the Tribal Council and the blindside that he backed out of. He tells them how he put targets on two more castaways and tells them about the Legacy Advantage that Jamal gave him. He asks them if they can confirm if it’s real or not and they tell him that they can’t, only Jeff can.

They tell them that everyone who comes to the Island of the Idols gets a lesson and his lesson is about jury management. They tell him that he will wager his vote at tonight’s Tribal he will get an opportunity to earn an advantage. If he wins this he could get an extra vote, an idol nullifier, or an idol that could be used at one of the next three Tribals, but not on himself. Rob tells him that it comes down to a coin flip. Dean decides to go for it because he thinks that he could use this to convince the jury that he took chances in the game. Rob flips the coin and Dean gets his advantage. He chooses the idol nullifier because he thinks that Janet has an idol.

Dean tells everyone that he got a chance to play a game of chance with a coin flip. Tells them that if he lost he would lose his vote for the next Tribal, but if he won he would get an extra vote or an idol nullifier. He tells everyone he lost, but then later tells Tommy, Dan, and Lauren that he won. This makes Tommy a little nervous about keeping Dean around though because he is proving to be better at this game than Tommy originally thought. Tommy thinks that Dean might have to go.

It’s time for the Immunity Challenge! The castaways will have to spin to uncoil a rope and then run across a beam and collect puzzle pieces. The first castaway that gets their 7-word puzzle together will win immunity. After a lot of confusion as to what this word puzzle was supposed to read, Dean puts it together and wins Immunity!

Everyone tells Noura that they are putting all their votes on Elaine, but the plan is to have Dan put a vote on Noura just in case. Elaine goes to talk to Lauren, but Lauren is worried that Tommy and Dean might turn on her. Lauren thinks that she can get enough votes on board to get Noura out and keeping Elaine instead. With Dan voting Noura, Lauren just needs to convince Janet to vote Noura instead of Elaine. Janet is worried that Elaine can beat her in making fire and that her game is stronger than Janet’s.

It’s time for Tribal Council! Elaine is fighting for her life at this tribal talking about how if they take her out this week, then there aren’t any other big threats to take out before someone else. Which could take a seat away from someone like Lauren or Janet. This has Lauren thinking. The talks turn very emotional when Elaine starts talking about losing her mom just a few months prior and how hard she has been fighting for 35 days now to stay in this game and she is going to continue to fight until Jeff snuffs her torch. It’s time to vote!

Jeff tallies the votes and tells the castaways that if anyone would like to play an immunity idol, now would be the time to do so. No one plays an idol.

  • Elaine
  • Noura
  • Elaine
  • Noura
  • Elaine
  • Elaine

With four votes, Elaine is voted out of Survivor and becomes the next member of the Jury.

The next day, Jeff shows up at the camp. No one has any idea why he is there. Jeff tells them that a decision has been made and Dan has been removed from the game. He will not be returning to the game and will not be on the jury either. This changes the game for a lot of people in it.

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