Tonight on Survivor: Winners at War, we will watch as one castaway decides that enough is enough when it comes to the old school players controlling the game. The question is, who will they target if they are given the chance to on Survivor season 40? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode right here with our Survivor live recap!

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We started this episode off with Adam talking about how Danni was unanimously voted out because Boston Rob, Parvati, and Ethan are in control of the game. He mentions that Rob won this game being in control and now they need to get out one of those big players. Adam talks to Denise about trying to get Parvati out and maintain relationships with Rob and Ethan. Ben wants Rob to be the one to go, but Adam and Michelle talk Ben into playing nice with Rob for now and convince him that Parvati is the bigger threat. Adam tells Ethan that he plans to vote out Parvati and this might have been a mistake because Ethan sees Parvati as his number one in this game.

Meanwhile, on Dakal, Sandra helps catch a shark for them to eat. Tony gets it out of the net and freaks out before getting it into the basket to bring it back to camp. Later, Sandra gets wind that Tyson is trying to target her and she is not happy about it at all! On the EOE, Natalie finds tree mail for them and each of them gets a picture of a tree. The tree looks familiar to Amber and Natalie so they head to the tree. There is a box with numbers and a combination to figure out. Amber decides to go back to the camp because she remembers there being numbers back at camp on the crates. Natalie then realizes that each of their tubes had a shell necklace and there is a sequence of shells separated by knots. She throws one of the other necklaces in the woods and then breaks another one. She goes back to the box and finds an advantage to sell for a fire token.

Natalie sends the note to Sarah. The note tells her that there is a steal-a-vote at the other camp inside one of their torch sticks. Sarah brings Tony to the other camp to help her with her mission. When she gets there, Ethan is still awake and adding wood to their fire. She sneaks into the camp after he lays down and has no idea where she was going. It is pitch black and she has no idea where the torches are. She does find them but they are super close to where the others are sleeping. She is finally able to find the steal-a-vote and gets out of their camp as quickly as possible.

It is time for this week’s Immunity Challenge! In this challenge, the castaways will have to leap across a series of ramp walls, they will have to dig up a ladder, use the ladder to get a rope and then use the rope to get to a puzzle. The first tribe to finish will win Immunity and reward in the form of chicken kababs and a grill to cook them on. Dakal has an extra castaway so Sandra volunteers to sit out for a second week in a row. It was a tight race but Dakal leads the way for most of the challenge. Sele had a hard time getting their rope looped at part of the challenge, which gave Dakal a huge lead going into the puzzle part of the challenge. Sele finally gets to the puzzle board, and Dakal only has three pieces together. Sele quickly catches up and it’s neck and neck. With only one piece left on the Sele table, Dakal is able to get their last piece in and wins the challenge sending Sele to another Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Sele is feeling pretty defeated. Especially Boston Rob. Adam tells Rob that he plans to vote out Parvati, but Rob goes back to Jeremy and Michelle about this. Jeremy and Michelle tell Rob that Parvati isn’t going anywhere. Rob tells them that Adam pointed fingers at them, Ben, and Denise in this plan to get rid of Parvati. Adam is clearly playing both sides and Michelle and Jeremy think that taking him out instead might be a better move for them.

Tribal Council comes and they talk about how they have to look out for themselves in this game especially now that they keep losing challenges. There were clear alliances, but now things seem to be shaking up and they aren’t sure who is working with who anymore. The votes are tallied and when Jeff gets back he asks if anyone has a hidden immunity idol they want to play. No one plays an idol and the votes are read off as follows:

  • Parvati – Adam
  • Adam – Ethan
  • Adam – Boston Rob
  • Adam – Parvati
  • Ethan – Denise
  • Ethan – Ben
  • Ethan – Michelle
  • Ethan – Jeremy

With four votes, Ethan is sent to EOE! He leaves his Fire Token to Parvati. What just happened?!?!

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