Tonight we kick off the 32nd season of The Amazing Race on CBS and celebrate the one-millionth mile traveled since the show started back in 2001. The 11 teams for The Amazing Race 2020 will be starting their race at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and will travel to Trinidad and Tobago for the first leg of the race. Make sure you keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s episode as it airs.

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We start tonight’s episode off with a look at the 11 teams for season 32 of The Amazing Race! After talking to Phil for a little bit, the teams are told that their first clue is at the top of the bags they dropped at the top of the ramp. Their clue tells them that they are heading to Trinidad and when they get there they need to head to a 24-hour fruit stand for their next clue. The race is on!

The teams get to Trinidad and have to roll two oil barrels down an uneven road. To a festival where they will find their next clue and they are told that the first seven teams that get there will get some kind of advantage. When they get there, they are told that they are heading to Tobago and the first seven teams are on the first flight out giving them a half-hour lead.

Nathan & Cody, Riley & Maddison, Victoria & Michelle, Chee & Hung, Jerry & Frank, Will & James, and DeAngelo & Gary are all on the first flight which departed a half-hour before the second flight did. Their next clue is at Swallow’s Beach in Tobago. When they get to the beach, they have to search through 125 painted fish over the area the size of a football field. They have to find the painted fish that matches the one in their boats and use the code attached to it to unlock and retrieve their matching fish.

Some teams didn’t remember what color their fish is, some teams didn’t realize there was a combination they had to remember and some teams kept talking about what color the fish was in front of other teams. The first three teams to get their fish was Michelle & Victoria, then Riley & Maddison, and Jerry & Frank. Will & James are in 4th and Hung & Chee round out the top five.

The one person from each of the teams now has to play Day-O on a steel drum. The first team to complete the song at the right timing will pass this Roadblock. At this point, a lot of the teams have arrived at this challenge while Kellie & LaVonne are still in the water looking for their painted fish. Kellie & LaVonne finally find their fish and head to the steel drum challenge.

It is time for the teams to head to the Pit Stop for this leg of the race and Hung & Chee are the first team heading that way! Michelle & Victoria are on their way second, Riley and Maddison are the third to head to the pit stop. Here is the order that the teams finished this leg of the race:

  1. Hung & Chee
  2. Michelle & Victoria
  3. Riley & Maddison
  4. Will & James
  5. Jerry & Frank
  6. Leo & Alana
  7. Eswar & Aparna
  8. Kaylynn & Haley
  9. Kellie & LaVonne
  10. DeAngelo & Gary
  11. Cody & Nathan

Cody & Nathan is the last team to get to the Pit Stop and have been eliminated tonight on The Amazing Race.

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