Tonight on Survivor 42, we get to meet the 18 castaways that will be competing for the $1 million grand prize and the title of Sole Survivor. Due to seasons 41 and 42 being taped back to back, these new castaways have no idea what kind of changes have been made to the game and what to expect going into Survivor 2022. Keep reading to find out who the Survivor castaways are and what tonight’s two-hour season premiere has in store for us right here!

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Are you ready to meet the castaways for Survivor 42? Let’s start with the Vati Tribe!

If you click the names of the castaways, you can check out their full bios on! Let’s move on to the Taku Tribe!

Last but not least, here is your Ika Tribe!

This season we could expect to see the phrases to unlock the Hidden Immunity Idols’ powers. Also, if you watched the first four minutes of tonight’s episode of Survivor, which can be found on the CBS website or on the Survivor Youtube, you may have noticed that they revealed one of the twists for this season. They showed a clip of a podium with a board on it and I was able to pause the video and find out what it said! Here is what the board read:

“You must wait for all three players before you make your decision. Good news! This part of the challenge requires zero effort from you! So if you want, you can grab your paddles and race back to your tribe. Or… You can agree to secretly work together… and each earn an advantage in the process. You must each untie 20 knots to retrieve your advantage… To cover your lie, spread mud and fake blood over your body to prove how hard you worked to get your paddles. You’re only moments into the game… and you already have your first big opportunity.”

This twist could prove to be interesting depending on how the castaways decide to play it! Make sure you come back tonight starting at 8 PM EST for my live recap to find out how that twist plays out and more during tonight’s two-hour season premiere of Survivor 42!

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