Tonight on Survivor: Island of the Idols, there is a change in one tribes dynamic which is causing there to be a shift in alliances. We will also watch as another castaway heads over to the Island of the Idols and are faced with a risky task in order to gain an advantage. Keep reading to find out what to expect on tonight’s episode of Survivor season 39 right here!

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Tonight one lucky castaway will get to meet Boston Rob and Sandra and they will be given a task that isn’t going to be easy, but will pay off if it’s completed. The castaway will have to sneak into the other tribe’s camp.

Meanwhile, on the Lairo Tribe, the guys have realized that the girls outnumber them and plan to stick together. However, Vince is in pretty good with the girls in their tribe. Will he actually report back to the other guys if he gets wind of any plans to target the guys?

Also on Lairo Tribe, Karishma cuts her hand cutting something to eat and it’s pretty bad. She tells her tribe mates that she can see the bone, but no one has the decency to check on her while she waits for a medic. Will that cause her to lean towards anyone specific? Maybe someone on her tribe she thought she was close to that didn’t come check on her even though she was only 15 feet away?

We will have to wait until tonight’s episode of Survivor to get all the details so make sure you come back for tonight’s episode! Join me tonight for my full live recap of tonight’s episode of Survivor: Island of the Idols starting at 8/7c!

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